George Dickel 8 Review

George Dickel 8 Review

Ooooh George Dickel 8. You’re not 8 years old (more like 4-6), but you are the classic. The standby that has always been there and been ready and willing to supply that high corn Tennessee whiskey fix (except for a brief shortage in mid 2007 – early 2008 due to a shut down from 99-03). I’ve enjoyed George for quite some time and it’s fun to sit down and finally give the little guy a proper review.

First thing to note is what sets it apart from that other famous Tennessee whiskey. Both use the Lincoln county process, which involves filtering the whiskey through sugar maple charcoal before barreling it. However, Jack Daniels drips theirs into a 10 foot vat so it can seep in and drip out the bottom before being barreled. Dickel on the other-hand chills their whiskey to 40F before filling their charcoal filled vats with the whiskey and then letting it filter through. This chill filtration they claim creates a cleaner, smoother spirit and comparing it to Jack… they’re right.

George Dickel 8 Review

ABV: 40%
Age: 4-6 years
Price: $18
Distiller: George A Dickel & Co. /Diageo
Mashbill: 84% corn, 8% rye & 8% malted barley

Honey yellow

Green apples, honey, cinnamon, caramel and corn dance out of the glass. Light notes of orchard fruit, sawdust, char and an almost herbal spice make an appearance but don’t make a fuss. It’s a clean crisp nose that has a decent amount of depth to it and I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

More honey, apples and corn along with some apricots and a bit of rye like spice keeping them company. Appearing in fits and spurts are notes of caramel, wood and a deeper pine/mint hybrid that is rather intriguing.

Does whiskey get any easier to drink without completely loosing it’s backbone? Good balance, medium body and a nice easy texture just make me happy to be sipping it in my recliner while writing this review.

Medium with notes of caramel, honey, spice and a touch of wood and mint.

80 proof… yup. Chill filtered… yup. So why do I like it so much? Even the infamous Sku loves it so there’s definitely something going on here. The cask strength non-chill filtered whiskey geek in me wants to reject this thing with all I have and I just can’t do it. Hell this is my second bottle this year. The only other things I’ve bough multiples of this year are Ardbeg Uigeadail, Laphroaig 10, Glenmorangie 10, Old Grand-Dad, Maker’s Mark, Weller 107 and Wild Turkey 101 which are my standard “go-tos” so I don’t drink through the expensive stuff too quickly. I guess really the only thing I have to say is… welcome to the “regulars” Dickel 8.

SCORE: 85/100

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14 Responses to George Dickel 8 Review

  1. Like you say. There is something about it. I can’t put my finger on it. It’s not gross like JD, but has that fatty/charcoal hard to describe thing that JD claims to have. It’s like bourbon with an extra detention (again what JD claims to have)…btu beyond that it’s hard to describe….Maybe it’s the burnt maple coming through more than in other whis(e)y’s. I came upon this review because I’m looking for someone who can describe it.

  2. I’ll add one last thing!

    There is a wonderful skunky thing here. VERY subtle, but there. Almost like a Cambeltown scotch. This is just a dream of a whisk(e)y, for any price, let alone this one.

    • Totally agree, Dickel has been one of those “secret” whiskeys that have flown under the radar for a while and is so good. Multifacted, flavorful, aromatic and cheap! I visited the distillery recently and they said that sales have been going up noticeably so the secret is definitely out.

  3. I’ll be short, and sweet with what I think of this Tennessee whisk(e)y…

    George Dickel No 8 is sorta the ‘lite’ version of George Dickel No 12.

    It’s nice, but for the extra $2 – the No 12 is more appealing.

  4. I picked this up tonight because I was at a shop that didn’t have pints of Wild Turkey and I’d never had it.

    I am very impressed. A floral green apple whiskey. Never would thought it existed, much less that it would taste this good. Doesn’t even need water at all. Very very solid spirit.

  5. couldnt find my go to… like you guys i found Dickel (had heard good things) and for the price (the owner of the store thought he had mis-labelled lol he wanted to charge me extra)…. As a usual drinker of the classical Wild Turkey 101, i find this easier to sip… unlicke wild turkey its nose is quite soft…. like im drinking a beer or a wine almost… I’m very impressed.

  6. I just bought my very first bottle of this and enjoyed it. But then I decided to pour 1 finger in a glass and put the glass in the fridge overnight (not the freezer) After trying it the next day, I liked it even more just chilled. I realize this isn’t the traditional way to drink whiskey or bourbon, but I think I’m going to continue this experiment. Josh, would you happen to know why I prefer it this way as opposed to just drinking it over ice fresh out of the bottle?…Thanks.

    • Hey Kelly,

      That’s really interesting. I’ve never done it like that. Could just be because it’s chilled and not watered down at all. Very interesting. Cheers!

      • I did some research, and discovered that letting bourbon or whiskey rest in the glass for 10-20 minutes can improve the taste. This allows it to breathe or oxidize which makes it less astringent. So this might explain why I liked it better after sitting in the fridge overnight.

        • Good to know. I think that most whiskeys can do with a little water(ice), like Scotch, but some deserve to be chilled without water for the most raw flavor.

  7. It’s forty-two bucks on special here downunder. And that makes it on the cheap side. Still, it seems smoother than JD, and even Wild Turkey (which is still my go-to bourbon whiskey).

    I drink all my BW neat. Sometimes that means it’s pretty warm-summer temps are high 30s C with humidity reaching 100%.

    I’m gonna go look for your Gentleman Jack review now.

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