George Dickel 12 Review

George Dickel 12
George Dickel 12 is one of the most surprising whiskeys I’ve had lately. Might sound a bit weird to say because it’s not a special edition or anything, but sometimes I’ll put off picking up a whisky to review because I’ve had it at the bar or a friend’s house a couple of times and I think I know it pretty well. Then, when finally pick up a bottle and sit down for a proper review, a whiskey I thought I knew so well will reveal a whole new side and I’ll wonder why the hell I didn’t do it sooner. This bottle of George Dickel Superior 12 is one of those times.

When compared to the Dickel 8 the Superior 12 definitely lives up to it’s name. A few more years and an extra 5% alcohol makes a big difference in this whiskey. It went from smooth and elegant to deep and robust for only $4 more. It’s kind of crazy how good this is for a something that hovers around the low $20s. It’s definitely going to be hard to pick up the 8 the next time I run out. Though really the two combined come in at only $40 bucks so maybe I won’t have to choose after all…

George Dickel 12 Review

ABV: 45%
Age: 8-10 years
Price: $22
Distiller: George Dickel / Diageo
Mashbill: 84% corn, 8% rye & 8% malted barley

Orangish caramel

Corn is prominent and sweet with notes of vanilla, candied citrus and butterscotch fudge coming through. Honey candy, simple syrup, dried orchard fruit, a touch of wood and rich, but not cloying, sweetness backfill the aroma; making it simply stunning to sniff.

Cinnamon moves in with corn, caramel and citrus in a foursome of flavor. Vanilla, wood and a touch of char and leather move through with ease and that rich sweetness is back along with some notes of grain, dried fruit and an ambiguous spice.

Long and corn driven with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, leather, dried fruit and a bit of oak.

Mellow and simply sippable this whiskey has a nice balance amidst the corn driven notes and a medium body that works with the smooth easy going texture.

Great. I really enjoy the honey dipped candy corn essence of the nose and the cavalcade of Cs that run across the palate. It’s something that is easy to sit and savor, but also works very well in cocktails. I made a Manhattan with it the other day and was surprised at how well the high corn flavor mixed with the vermouth. Overall a fairly versatile whiskey, except I don’t feel like it holds up well on the rocks. It’s already an easy and delicate whiskey and it doesn’t take too much water from the melting ice for it to fall apart. All in all though it’s a nice whisky, especially for the price, and will be joining the cast of “regulars” I cycle through to keep things interesting and make the expensive stuff last longer.

SCORE: 89/100

Josh Peters

Josh Peters

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  1. Hello. Im agreeing with most of your reviews. This is what I thought ETL should have tasted like LOL. I mean I drank half a bottle in one night. I paid for it mind you but I could put the stuff down like a soft drink. I bought WT 101 because of your review and that stuff was delectable. I think I preferred it to the Bookers I had. I did prefer KCSB but I was truly amazed at how good that stuff was.

    One I am not impressed with (and am drinking it right now) is Buffalo Trace. Its pretty solid if somewhat plain but thats not the problem. Good vanilla ice cream is good. Its bad vanila ice cream that makes you wanna add stuff to it or get some fake flavoring. The BT to me has this astringancy that I just cant get passed. Its just bitter on the middle of the tounge and it is how it finishes. But I think I may have had the same problem with ETL. Not at all with WT101, Bookers, or KCSB. This was a bit of a disappointment. I wish I would have tried something else even something like OGDBiB or old Ezra. The WT101 of course would have been good too but I was looking for something new to try. Thanks for the reviews.

    • Hey Keith,

      Thanks for the great comment, very thorough; I enjoyed reading it. I truly love WT 101, it’s one of the bottles I always keep in the house, it packs a nice punch of flavor and a great value for the price too. I also always try to keep Buffalo Trace on hand, but to each their own. I have a buddy who feels pretty similar to you about it and there’s, obviously, nothing wrong with that at all! Everyone likes something just a bit different.

      I would highly recommend the OG BiB, especially if you liked the KCSB. It’s a very good bourbon that’s a steal at the $20ish price.


    • I agree on the Buffalo Trace. Glad to hear it was not only me that tasted that medicinal taste. I gave it to a friend that only drinks Makers’ and he loved the BT. They both have that aftertaste and you have to have the palate for it.
      The George D. 12 is a bargain, though it does have a rough nose on it like rubbing alcohol. Once you get past that it has a load of flavor and great on ice. I’ll sip on this and 4 roses until I get the nerve to sneak a new bottle of Blanton’s or Bib and Tucker past the wife.

      • Over the years my go-to wandered from Jim Beam to Makers Mark to Jim Beam Black, and thanks to Josh, Buffalo Trace and its sibling Eagle Rare. I wanted to try another low rye mash and picked up a bottle of GD 12.

        Within seconds of sitting down with my first glass, my wife looked at me from across the room like I was crazy and asked me if I was drinking rubbing alcohol. After 20 years, we tend to disagree on a lot of things, but not this. My bottle of GD 12 has an overwhelmingly powerful smell lf Rubbing Alcohol.

        I wanted to like it but couldn’t get past the nose. Not one to waste alcohol, I filled the glass with ice. Hopefully it will mix with 7-UP.

  2. Thank you. I will see about the OGDBIB. Im all set to go FRSiB as it seems that is a go to for under $40. I could do WTRB BUT I have a bottle of RRSiB here which did not impress me as much as it did you (and for $50 that hurts). I probably wont get Dickel 12 because the stuff is dangerously smooth. I can drink it all night. WT101 I know to tone it down for some reason even though I actually like it a bit more!

    Have a good one!

  3. Simply put GD 12 is the best, most under-appreciated American Whiskey out there. It has a unique caramel-woody flavor that you will remember and appreciate. Yes, I also enjoy JD from time to time but GD 12 is in a league of its own in its price range.

  4. Lately I’ve been hooked on Elijah Craig small batch. But I decided to switch it up and try a sour mash. I was surpised by the how good this bottle is. I truly enjoyed the finish. And for the price it is hard to beat. The saying, “you get what you pay for” doesn’t apply to this whiskey. Felt like I got a whole lot more than what I paid for.

    • Elijah Craig is produced using a sour mash. Most distilleries use a sour mash. It just means they have a starter to make fermentation occur. Some companies put it on their label, but it’s just a marketing ploy, and has nothing to do with the flavor of the end product.

      The only distillery that I know off the top of my head that uses a sweet mash is Garrison Brothers. I know there are others, but they are the only one I make sure to always have a bottle of. Easily my favorite bourbon, but I digress.

      FWIW, I love Dickel no. 12. Kicks the pants off JD. Well, except the single barrel barrel strength JD. That’s some good stuff.

  5. I have really tried to like No 12, but the FLINTSTONES VITAMIN taste always comes out. Tell the distiller please…Sorry.
    The good news is that the George Dickel Barrel Select does NOT have that vitamin taste.
    Please publish this, but dont have people buy out Barrel Select, I am already doing that.


    • Hey Bulls,

      I always publish every comment that comes to the site unless it’s full of foul language or has zero relevance to the page so it’s been published and I know the distiller is reading all of these so they’ll definitely see your feedback.


  6. Well, I gave this a try too. Multi-vitamin aftertaste is so bad I won’t be able to finish the bottle. While nosing this, the vitamin smell comes through as well. Such a shame because everything thing before the finish is fantastic. I did contact George Dickel…very receptive to my input. They are making it right for me, so they have gone up a few rungs in the ladder so to speak…any evidence of vitamin essence or taste in the Dickel 8?

      • I read the “vitamin” comments with perplexity because I didn’t recall any off flavors when I had this delightful $20 bottle. With the seed planted, it may have affected my opinion, but the next time I had a tipple I was astounded. I totally got that vitamin flavor (but mine was Centrum, only a child takes Flintstone vitamins). Nevertheless, I didn’t find it unpleasant at all. It was a secondary note to all the primary notes that Josh mentioned. I also don’t mind funky elements to my libations. I like French red wine that has a barnyard smell to it. A candy-jammy California zinfandel has no soul or character. Give me funk and earth and tannins to go with my food.

        Bottom line is that I think this is a terrific little whiskey and I get the candy corn big time but to me it’s more like maple candy. I must digress on the ice comment – I find it softens and blooms with ice rather than falls apart.

  7. Dickel Number 12 is the product that first got me interested in American Whiskey. I still return to it every now and then.

  8. I’m sorry to say I’m getting the vitamin taste issue. Maybe it’s odd corn thing but I don’t like it, neither on the rock’s or as an old fashioned. Will set out for guests.

    • I think it might be the high corn. I can see how it might come across as vitamins, but to me it’s much more corn meal or uncooked grits. But we all perceive things a bit differently.

  9. Vitamin taste? Seriously? What does that even mean? George Dickel is a great inexpensive whiskey. The taste, to anyone that has even tasted whiskey, tastes like a traditional corn mash. It is very comparable to Jack a Daniels. For a mixer, it is tough to beat.

      • Yep, its sort of like vitamins. I found that I like this better now that it has aired out a bit. Its also best neat or with a splash, ice makes this one worse. It’s not bad, its just different than value bourbon, which I’m use to.

        • Fair point, it is quite a bit different than most value bourbons. Mashbill is higher corn than many and the chill filtration changes things up a bit as well.

  10. What I find is that the wood/char/leather notes of No. 12 hits the same part of my palate that the peat does in a scotch. What this makes No. 12 for me is a very scotch-like bourbon which is not like scotch at all – if you get what I mean. This will definitely go into my short list rotation.

  11. Josh, I’ve gotta say, I absolutely love your website. I read a lot of whiskey-related websites (and magazines), but you’re my go to reference for reviews. You update frequently, you review a wide range of stuff, put out great articles, and I really agree with a lot of your reviews. To top it off, your reviews are great, and don’t just seem like creative writing, like some of the magazine writers’ reviews can.

    I also owe you a big thanks for this review. After reading this review, I went out and bought a bottle of Dickel 12 and was absolutely blown away. I consider it my bourbon collection equivalent of a table wine or session IPA- there are whiskeys that are bolder and more unique, but there are very few whiskeys I’d rather sit & drink all day than Dickel 12. I’d never tried Dickel because I never liked Jack so I wrongfully assumed I didn’t like what the Lincoln County Process did to the bourbon. I was dead wrong, I’m now a huge Dickel fan- the barrel select is also mind bogglingly good.

    Your website also got me to try Russel’s Reserve single barrel, which I think along with Dickel 12 is one of the more underrated whiskeys on the market.

  12. Being a ‘scotch snob’ for the better portion of the last 10 years I decided that it’s time to give my fellow Americans a try (I honestly never cared for usual suspects such as Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Bulleit Bourbon or Rye).

    After reading reviews like yours gave me some direction, and for the past several weeks I’ve been enjoying Evan Williams Single Barrel, Russell’s Reserve 10 yr, Knob Creek 9 yr, Elijah Craig 12 yr, and Four Roses Small Batch.

    I decided to give Tennessee Whisk(e)y a try, and I’m glad I did for the George Dickel No 12 is arguably my favorite dram of them all…I love the ‘buttered popcorn’ with root beer sweetness, and nutmeg spice (thankfully no ‘Flintstones Vitamins’ aftertaste)…Very unique, and def worthy of your score of 89.

    Keep up the good work!

  13. I tell my friends that when I was young I thought I liked Jack, and when I hit my 30’s I felt I was sophisticated and of course it was Makers Mark. Now that Ive matured a little and become a man there is nothing I like more than dickel 12. Particularly in an old fashioned. This vitamin thing is mysterious and I would guess it is common among younger palates that have yet to develop. 🙂

      • thanks for the review Josh. I just discovered your site, and it’s been a great guide for a bourbon/whiskey newbie like me…hope you had a good 4th.

      • I was about to ask you what your favorite cocktail is using Dickel 12- would you say it’s an old fashioned? Not that Dickel isn’t great on its own because it’s incredible, but I like to have a good cocktail for all of my whiskeys in the $25 range & under.

    • Ron, I wouldn’t blame it on ‘younger palates’ – I’m probably your age and I taste it. I just don’t find it particularly unpleasant.

      I think it’s being described wrong – ‘flintstone vitamin’ is a misnomer, in my opinion. The various flavor notes generate an after flavor I’d call ‘medicinal’, but more along the line of the vitamins in gel caps, like vitamin E or D, etc. I suppose I could just say I detect a gelatin or cellulose after-note, but that’s even less informative than the vitamin one.

      In any event, No. 12 is eminently drinkable. The medicinal note is far more noticeable on the rocks, so drink it neat or in a coquetail. 😉

  14. I love George Dickel Superior #12. It is one of my favorite Whiskey’s. My father got me started on this and it certainly lives up to the title of superior. In my opinion it is leaps and bounds better than Jack Daniel’s old #7 (even though Jack has a very unique flavor that cannot be found any where else). This is probably a selfish comment, but I am glad that George Dickel sells less than Jack Daniels, because if they did the quality would probably go down. Don’t change a thing George Dickel.
    Love your reviews Josh. You are spot on. Not just with GD. But with numerous other reviews.

  15. Hey, Josh, thanks again for another great recommendation. I bought a bottle over the weekend and it’s definitely different from the bourbons I’ve been enjoying–definitely more of a corn-based whiskey than my usual, but I really like the difference.

    Question: when you do tastings, what kind of glass do you use? I’ve been using a Lo-Ball glass and I’ve found it’s been lacking on the nose front. Granted, I’ve been recovering from allergies and a cold so that might be a personal problem, but I wondered if you had any recommendations.

    Thanks again.

    • Hey Will,

      I always use a Glencairn (pictured) to do my reviews. The chimney on it helps concentrate the aroma. 100% of the time I do tasting notes it’s with a Glencairn, but when I’m just sitting around the house with a dram I’d say 70% of the time it’s with a tumbler (lo-ball, rocks, etc.) kind of glass 25% with a Glencairn and 5% with a copita. I like the different glasses for drinking, but for reviewing I like to keep the consistency. Even when the image for the review contains a different glass you can be sure I used a Glencairn when I sat down to write my notes.

      • Thanks! I’ll be sure to look into buying one next time I’m at a quality food and beverage store. (Thanks to the state-run monopoly on liquor in Virginia, you’re more likely to find whiskey glasses at food stores or wine stores than anywhere else.) I appreciate the info.

  16. This thing rates a “wow” in terms of QPR (quality-to-price-ratio). It does have an odd medicinal finish, though, and now that I scanned the comments, the Flintstones Vitamins thing makes sense. But for about 20 bucks a bottle, wow.

    It’s definitely corn-heavy. I like a higher rye percentage in the mashbill, overall, but this thing delivers at such a low price. It drinks like a premium priced bourbon.

    I am still learning about whiskey, but is there anything to the whole “sour mash” thing? I mean, it’s sort of like krausening in beer or using a mother dough in bread, so I get that. Is that all it really is?


    • You got it. Every big bourbon manufacturer uses the Sour Mash process as do many of the craft guys. Relatively few folks use a sweet mash (new) every single time. From talking to distillers it’s more a way to keep as much consistency as possible between batches.


  17. I’d tell you, Governor,if you’d let me get a word in. I’m willing to tell ya. I’m wanting to tell ya. I’m waiting to tell ya!
    I tried this again (10th plus) because of your post, same results. I must say I am with the Vitamin Lodge in Bedrock City. Lots of corn and oak tannins – I like the oak. I use this (meagerly) when I mix and blend bourbons (technically not a bourbon, but technically is). I was just enjoying some Basil Hayden and Elijah Craig. I get some of what folks talk about on Buffalo Trace (and Weller SR) also, me thinks it has a pond scum flavor that hits you, then you try it, try it and it goes away and is good complex bourbon for me. This also happens a little with Blanton’s, but fades much faster and is a superior bourbon. Thank you, I tried the Dickel 12 again because of you and can still find some redeeming qualities, couldn’t pass it up at the fort for $15. Josh, Great site.

  18. Damn Dudes..!! Just cracked a bottle of GD12 added a small I mean SMALL splash of Cointreau and a drop of peach bitters…. #Yum

    I stopped by the Dickel Distillery in 2014 and bought two very special master distiller bottles. I am a Kentucky Spirit Man and not much of a Jack Fan but GD is my Tennessee gut warmer on a December night! I might up the rye in this mash a wee bit but I am sold on buying another bottle soon….

  19. I love the George Dickle 12. It’s a simple, straight forward sippin whisky in my opinion. I can appreciate, and do enjoy a more complex whiskey like, Bookers for instance, but I’m not into trying to figure out every different flavor note that’s in each sip. I like to keep it simple.

  20. As of yet, you’ve never steered me wrong. So, I grabbed a George Dickel12. I’ll have to admit, after my first pour, I had a dram of Bulleit 10yr to ‘wash my mouth out.’
    But. Like I said, I trust your reviews. So, I had some GD12 another night…
    This is definitely corn driven. The nose and dominant flavor is a sweet candy corn. So, once I recognized that I could find the merits of this whiskey. There’s a subtle spice that I always enjoy in my whiskeys. And always loving a great finish, GD12 has a nice finish, though short, of light, sweet grassy notes.
    I’m happy to have this on my shelf. Not a favorite but worth trying.

    • Ha, well I’m glad you’re liking it now 🙂

      I’ve been slowly converting folks to GD, but to your point it’s a VERY different whiskey. Not like a bourbon because that light corn driven nature givens it a completely different character. I really enjoy the 12, but for me where GD starts getting REALLY good is the Hand Selected barrels. I’ve never had a bad one, but when you get a good one… holy cow it’s amazing.


  21. I don’t get the vitamin thing from this at all, but then again, I don’t take vitamins. The notes that really stand out to me are banana cream pie and a nice corn char on the finish. This is SOOOOO much better than Jack Daniels. This mixed with ginger ale is my go to summer whiskey cocktail.

    • Okay…so I don’t know if it’s the power of suggestion, but the last bottle of this I bought, I opened it and…Voila, there it was, Flintstone vitamins on the nose. It dissipated the more I drank, but when first opened, it hit me right over the head. Didn’t hamper my enjoyment of the whiskey at all, but I do now understand all the vitamin talk around this one.

  22. I bought both #8 and #12 as they recently became available at my local store in MI. I tasted both neat, slightly chilled, and with one ice cube. Each time I preferred the #8. I kept getting a medicinal taste in #12.

    • Interesting. I love that 12, about to kill off the bottle in the picture and I have another waiting right next to it. But different tastes for different folks. That #8 is no slouch either!


  23. No offense, but I literally threw up after taking my first sip of this whiskey. I let it sit in the freezer for about a month and then figured i’d give it another try and what do you know… puked again…. this is disgusting liquor unless you are literally taking drops at a time. 2/10 in my book, will never buy again

    • in the future please mention if it’s a sipping whiskey or a regular drinking whiskey Josh, it would be much obliged 🙂

  24. As the great Merle Haggard used to say on the billboards (while sitting in a washtub with a tumbler of GD in his hand), water’s for washin’, Dickel’s for drinkin’.

  25. I had a lot of Jack Daniels in my younger years before I decided that the folks in Kentucky made lots more interesting whiskey. By comparison, Dickel has a much more complex taste than Jack, while retaining that nice caramel sweetness. I could taste the spiciness and wood that you mentioned in the review. The bottom line is that if you like Jack Daniels, this is much better and costs less. It would make a decent and economical daily drinker.

    I live in PA where the state controls liquor sales. I have only been able to find the 8, and I look forward to trying the 12.

  26. Dickle 12 is an absolute fav…. Never took a liking to JD…. To me Beam is a better drink than JD… I try to get people to try the Dickle 12 as it is a sleeper….

    My other fav is Evan Williams Single Barrel…. 2$ more than GD12, so I switch back and forth…. 🙂

  27. I too was surprised by George Dickel 12. Purchased a bottle by your review and wasn’t disappointed. I was a Jack fan from the 70’s until their green bottle is now the black bottle. George Dickel 12 is now in my sipper rotation. Once again, thank you for dealing with the hassles of operating an opinion based site.

  28. I kind of get where people come from when they mention flintstones vitamins, but I don’t necessarily say that is a bad thing. I loved them as a kid.
    It definitely has a chalky dry, fruity finish that is very unique to any whiskey I’ve had. This is really solid with a strong sweet corn flavor, with spices and vanilla that round out the entire flavor profile. For roughly $25 this is a fantastic drink.

    • I never had the Flintstone’s Vitamins when I was a kid so I don’t make that association, but it sounds like a lot of people do. Glad you’re liking it and 100% agree, for $25 it’s an awesome value. Cheers!

    • Now I know the best way to ruin a good bourbon is to mix it with soda. But I must admit my fault, three fingers of GD12, three ice cubes and just a splash of Coca-Cola. My humble apologies, but boy is it good.

  29. Whatever that “kids vitamin” or “Fruity Pebbles” taste is? I love THAT taste and everything else about No. 12!

  30. The vitamin taste reference that some people are referring to may be the strong woody aftertaste that comes through, particularly when the bottle hasn’t been opened very long. I like GD12 quite a bit, especially for the price, but the aftertaste is very different than many other bourbons. I’m not sure I’d compare it to Flintstones vitamins, but it does remind me a little of the aftertaste of some vitamins that you swallow with water and don’t swallow fast enough. Fresh oak wood has a very similar taste to me in the mouth, so I think that is the flavor some people may be trying to describe. I wonder whether the low rye content together with the fairly long aging of GD12 allows more of the oak wood flavor to come through versus similarly aged higher rye content bourbons? I appreciate your reviews Josh, and I always look to see what you have to say about any whiskey that I’m considering purchasing. I don’t know if my comments made any sense, but I was trying to explain that “different” taste that I think some commenters have been talking about from my perspective.

  31. Your reviews are spot-on. I broke my cherry with 4 roses yellow, enjoyed JB Double Oak and love this GD12. And all <$30…

    Next on my list of your recommendations is OGD114 and EW BiB. Looking forward to enjoying them as well.

    Keep up the great work!

  32. I’ve loved GD12: it was the best $20 American whisky around. But has anyone else noticed a serious dip in quality control/age? The last 2015 bottles I’ve tried were uniformly grim, the great Dickel flavor buried underneath feinty, young whisky notes. One bad bottle is a mistake, two is suspicious, but by the third bottle I’ll call it a trend; I’ll bet the increased focus on the GD premium price products has dropped GD12 down to a five year average.
    I hope I am wrong but, Dickel lovers, if you’ve noticed something off, you are not alone.

  33. Ahhh…my father’s whiskey of preference…. I too have a passion for the 12… One of my standbys that I’m never without…. I remember touring the distillery with my dad and when we got home, we enjoyed a pour…I was enamored then and still am today…. Nice review, Josh and thanks for stirring up a great memory…

  34. Solid dram. I am really enjoying this whiskey. Until recently, Jack Daniels was the only Tennessee whiskey I had tried….and I was not impressed. Dickel 12 is very good, superb for the cost. I hope to visit the distillery soon, as it is only 2 hours from me.

  35. Nice to know I’m not alone in my appreciation for this one! I adopted Dickel 12 years ago as my standard house whiskey that is always in the cabinet. I’m not much for JD or many of the other TN products, but this one was always smooth, with great flavor elements, and adaptable to anyone’s needs: neat, rox, mixers, cocktails, whatever. Many of my Virginia brethren look down their noses at non-KY whiskeys, but at the price point, I haven’t tried any that are better. Cheers.

  36. Josh I’m from Ky and love bourbon. However GD is so unique it can’t be overlooked. I’m curious about its age and what you think about the Lincoln county process vs. traditional bourbon production. Cheers mate!

    • Hey Jeff,

      I couldn’t agree more, I love the GD 12. The age is technically 8 years, but it’s a blend of barrels that are 8-10 years old. I love what the charcoal filtering does to this whisky and while I don’t want that effect on every whisky I drink, I really enjoy it here.


  37. After trying GD 12 for the first time, I like the smooth finish. I put the unique aroma/taste as yeasty. You could call it cakey too. Not bready though. Flintstones? I see that. Nice whiskey. It’ll be on my list.

  38. Josh,
    Fantastic review, I always appreciate your insight. I’ve put off sampling Dickle 12, for no other reason, than the incredibly affordable price, as, we’ve all slumed to the cheap stuff and have regretted it. HOLY COW! I’m now kicking myself for waiting so long. This is an absolutely fantastic elixer of surprising complexity for the cost. The Carmel corn aspect is sublime, long vanilla halted by charred wood is extremely clever, and the overall warm finish had made this one of my go to’s. I’m a little frustrated by the folks that refer to the vitamin taste they experience, as I believe, they are confusing cinnamon for vitamins. Cinnamon has a distinct “feel” on the palate in addition to taste, however, to each their own, if you don’t like it, don’t drink it! Anyway, Josh, I appreciate your reviews, your insight, and objectivity! Your the first place I look when I am venturing out! Keep ’em coming kind sir!

  39. Josh, thanks for your review and your dedication to the art of savoring whisky. I picked up a bottle of Dickel No. 12 tonight, and it made me appreciate better spirits. At first pour, I felt the flavor profile was weak overall, so I went light on the splash of water. And while 90 proof is not aggressive, the alcohol content was too strong for the body, despite heavy sheeting in the glass. I am comfortable with smoky, but not with the diesel tinge that progressed during the tasting. Pepper and cinnamon were definitely present, as was a lingering flavor that was somewhere between wet cardboard and plywood. I’ve only recently gotten into tasting bourbon, and this drink follows on the heels of Four Roses Single Barrel, Clyde May’s Special Reserve, Bulleit Small Batch Rye, and Knob Creek Single Barrel (120 Proof). They taste better, but they were more expensive. Cheers!

  40. I’ve been a bourbon drinker for many years. Mostly, I mix it with Coca Cola. After reading reviews of George Dickel 12, I decided to buy some today and give it a try. I bought the 1.75L bottle which cost about $45 including tax.

    After dinner this evening, I decided to mix a big drink. YUK! Was I ever disappointed! The taste was a mixture of sour wood and medicine. Wish I had bought something like Ezra Brooks, Evan Williams, or Old Charter. Any of those are much better in a mixed drink than GD 12 and cost only about one half as much.

    • Hey Charlie,

      I can definitely see how this wouldn’t taste good mixed. It’s a totally different profile than bourbon, it’s definitely better drank straight. Maybe try it with some ice instead?

  41. I guess that I assumed that since Jack Daniels (the other well known Tennessee Sour Mash Whisky) was good in a mixed cola drink, then George Dickel 12 would be even better since it’s aged longer and is more expensive. Bad assumption!

    Guess I’ll have this big bottle of GD 12 for quite awhile until I get it drank up by drinking it on the rocks or mixing it with something that will kill the musty, medicine taste. Meanwhile, I’m still in the market for a medium bold tasting bourbon that is also smooth and tastes good mixed with cola. The ones I mentioned above work fine as do many others I’ve drank, but I’m always open to new suggestions. Thanks for any ideas.

    • Hey Charlie,

      Try Ginger Ale instead of Coke. Ginger based cocktails tend to work well with GD so ginger ale might work here too. I don’t drink soda (too sweet for me), but my friends like to mix WildTurkey 101 with cola. That’s the one I’d add to what you already listed to try if you haven’t already.

  42. This is the first of dozens of bourbons that i did not like. weird aftertaste.

    with so many choices, i’ll skip it next time i pick up a bottle of something.

  43. yuck.

    the four roses yellow label is much better for the same price IMO. or spend a little more and just drink BT or Bulleit. If all you drink is jack or jim, well then I guess this might be good.


  44. I have have been on a tear buying and tasting bourbon. This bottle I purchased 5/19/2017 I did not care for. I have a bottle of the GD Rye and it is much more refined.. GDR feels like silky cinnamon pepper with toffee and a warm finish. This bottle of GD12 tastes harsh, burns and has a metallic aftertaste. It has to be an issue with quality control, because I don’t think bourbon lovers would be leaving such good reviews for the bottle I am sipping. Cheers!

  45. Josh,

    Just bought a bottle of GD12 two weeks ago. Delicious, great recommendation. Not picking up any Flintstones vitamin on the nose or palate, but I do get a distinct taste of lavender with this. Haven’t gotten that with any other whiskey, but it works in this one. You’re spot on that it’s a delicate whiskey too.

  46. I’m actually quite angry with the people who go on and on about a “Flintstones vitamin” taste; here’s why:

    When I first tried it my impressions matched yours. Those warm, deep corn notes were amazing. Then I read the comments about flintstones vitamins, and from that point on whenever I try it, I still get the same amazing flavor but my brain takes all of those tones and files it under “Flintstones”. Before I thought about the vitamin thing, the taste was just doing it’s own thing. It’s like the thing where you say “Don’t think about a purple monkey” and your brain then immediately thinks about a purple monkey.

    Here’s the problem with the criticism that it tastes like Flintstone vitamins: This recipe has existed for far, far longer than cartoons and the Flintstones for that matter. Would you perceive the same taste if you had no idea what Flintstones vitamins are? No, you wouldn’t. In fact, your mind may have sought different answers rather than assuming it knows what was going on.

    Know what I mean? That sounds a little scattered. My point is this, I guess: If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it. There’s nothing “wrong” with the whiskey. If you don’t like it, move on to something else. The fact is you people have poisoned my mind with that nonsense and now I can’t enjoy this whiskey as much as I did before.

    • You can’t let the vocal minority pervert reality. If you like it, like it. The fact is, a LOT of folks like GD products for the right reason. The vocal minority are getting it wrong, reinforced by the fact they are a minority. I’ll go further, and suggest a pattern with those critical of GD and this made-up vitamin thing – they are trained to like a rye-heavy whiskey and that’s all. Some of us can enjoy both a waffle and a pancake equally, while others can’t understand why we have both –

  47. Just picked up my first bottle of GD 12.
    For the price, I loved it! I understand the
    vitamin aftertaste, but had a hard time
    distinguishing vitamin or corn. I’ll go with
    corn!! Either/or, I like it. But what do I know?
    I chase it with the Banquet Beer!

  48. I was curious to see this “vitamins” complaint recently associated with George Dickel products. I’ve rotated GD12 regularly for years, but confused by all of this, so I picked up a bottle of the 9 yo Single Barrel which has the most “vitamin” flavor. I didn’t get that at all, till I began to sense the intense corn and sweetness – I looked up the coatings used for vitamins and medication and lo and behold, that coating is corn starch and sugar. I think the “vitamins” crowd are not getting the high corn and residual sweetness that GD and fans treasure. The benefit of all this, is I’ve discovered a new favorite whisky in the GD single barrel at 103 proof, and hopefully help folks calibrate their palettes for corn – and what is American whiskey without corn?

  49. Hard to beat this whiskey, especially for the price. No. 12 is actually much better than the Barrel Select at about half the price. No 12 has a unique flavor. Very fruity and bold but smooth.

  50. Hey man! I’m late to the ballgame (reviews and comments) as I just found your site. Love it and keep up the good work! Couldn’t agree more with your assessment of GD12. At $19 a bottle in my area I always keep a couple on hand so I don’t drink through my $$$$ stuff too quick. I like to think of it as hot buttered pancakes in a glass (I swear that’s what I get every glass). Cheers man!

  51. I love to mix it up with bourbons – variety being the spice of life and all. Dickel 12 is a favorite change-up of mine, especially coming off a month or two of ryes. SO much better than JD imo. Now that Charter 10 is history, I’d say GD12 is my favorite mid-range pour.

  52. You know, I didn’t just come into town on a turnip truck. I have been enjoying George Dickel since the mid-80’s. It’s just always seemed much more robust, intense, hearty, flavorful than Jack Daniels. As for the vitamin taste, I think what people are referring to is the true taste of sour mash, which is what I like about it. I like that sour mash taste. I also like Eagle Rare and Jim Beam Black but I find most bourbons taste a little thin for my palate which craves a hearty robust smooth tasting liquor and GD fills the bill.

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