Kavalan Solist ex-Bourbon Cask Review

Kavalan Single Malt ex-Bourbon Cask Review

The Kavalan Single Malt Solist ex-Bourbon Cask was my second favorite from the Kavalan tasting and compared to the Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique it has a bit more of a traditional whisky profile to it. However, like the Vinho it’s still not what you would expect and is incredibly delicious. The closest thing I can relate this flavor to is Bushmills with some sugar added to it. While that’s the closest I can relate it to, it’s so much more complicated and enjoyable than that.

There still isn’t an official word of when exactly we will be seeing Kavalan in the US, or what bottles we will be seeing, but with this one being about the same price online as the Vinho it’s difficult to say what it will cost when it comes to our fair shores, but so long as it’s in the $95 – $100 it’s completely worth the price.

If you’ve had this delicious whisky add your own tasting notes in the comments below.

Kavalan Single Malt Solist ex-Bourbon Cask Review

ABV: 55.6%
Price: $100 – $200 (online prices vary wildly)
Distiller: Kavalan

Light nutty brown almost yellow that looks quite a bit more like an Irish whiskey than a Scotch whisky.

Right off the bat it was a bit more floral than I was expecting but that was followed up by big hits of caramel and vanilla like you’d expect from something coming form bourbon casks. After these settle down and some of the ethanol evaporates it changes gears and notes of tropical citrus and, bruleed sweet pastry, and an overall profile that is very reminiscent of an Irish whiskey.

Lemony citrus right away follow by some fantastic light woody flavors that stick around the entire time. Even as the flavors shift towards more of a sugared Bushmills like quality the light woodiness sits patiently in the background hanging out with some vanilla and faint pepper. Throw a little water in there and suddenly the malt springs forward to say hello.

The high proof definitely makes itself known in here and is a bit like a super-fine grit sandpaper gliding around the palate, but it doesn’t break the experience. Like all Kavalan’s a little more dry than you might be used to. I certainly wasn’t prepared for how dry their whiskies are.

The vanilla and caramel hang around but are the first to disappear followed by the whisky spice leaving only that light woodiness behind.

SCORE: 8X/100 – I wasn’t able to spend enough time to give it a solid score, but would easily put it in the high 80s, maybe even the very low 90s

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