Cadenheads Invergordon 12 years Review

Cadenheads Invergordon 12 Years Review

Cadenhead’s Invergordon 12 years is the grain whisky that could be used as the backbone for a lot of blended Scotch whiskies aged 12 years or more. It’s mostly made from corn, distilled in a column still and if it were aged in new oak would have a strong resemblance to bourbon. However, being Scotch, it’s aged in used oak which can often impart new and interesting flavors to a spirit.

However if the barrel has been used and reused too many times it can completely loose its ability to affect the spirit in any meaningful way. Everything that’s useful in the wood for that alchemic process of whisky maturation having been sucked out long ago, making it little more than wooden Tupperware. Visually the cue for if you’re about to drink something like this is the color; something that’s been in wood for 12 years shouldn’t be clear and this Cadenhead’s Invergordon 12 years dear readers was as clear as the water used to distill it.

Cadenhead”s Invergordon 12 years Info

Region: Highlands, Scotland

Distiller: Invergordon
Bottler: Cadenhead’s
Mashbill: Grains (mostly corn)
Cask: The last oak barrel made from a giving tree that had nothing left to give.
Age: 12 years
ABV: 65.3%

Cask Strength | Non-Chill Filtered | Natural Color

Price: $132

Cadenhead’s Invergordon 12 years Review


Rubbing alcohol with a touch of artificial fruit and vanilla. Awful.

Everclear mixed with Sprite and an artificial fruit syrup. Terrible.

A short burst of moonshine and Sprite.

Ha! No balance, thin watery body and a scorchingly hot feel as it slides through the senses.

Cadenhead’s Invergordon 12 years is an utterly atrocious whisky that should be avoided at all costs. At 12 years old it’s as clear as if it came fresh off the still and it smells and tastes like it too. The barrel it went into must have been in use since the American Civil War because it had absolutely nothing to give this whisky except for anger. Anger that it should have been retired from service about 10 re-fills ago.

Even now, while sitting in an LA coffee shop sipping on some green tea, writing about the Cadenhead’s Invergordon 12 years causes my face to instinctively frown in disgust like I’m tasting it again. Then there’s the price, looking at that $132 price tag just makes me weep for all those who picked this up hoping for something fun an tasty.

SCORE: 17-19/100 (F-, not consumed at home)

Cadenhead's Invergordon 12 years Review - Score Breakdown
  • Nose - 19
  • Palate - 17
  • Finish - 17
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 17


Cadenhead's Invergordon 12 years is awful and should be avoided. The low quality of casks used to age grain whisky in might explain the decline of blended whisky since it’s the backbone everything else is built on.

Cadenheads Invergordon 12 Years Label

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