Brora 30 Years Review

Brora 30 Years Cask Strength Review

Like many whisky geeks I REALLY enjoy Brora and this Brora 30 Years is, obviously, no exception. Because of its crisp and balanced nature it’s gained a legendary status and cult following throughout the whisky community along with its more oily and brooding step-sibling Port Ellen.

Between the two I’m more of a Port Ellen fan than I am a Brora fan, but often it’s just splitting hairs. They’re both tremendous distilleries that have gained well deserved post-humous notoriety. Now, let’s get on with the Brora 30 Years review.

Brora 30 Years Cask Strength Info

Region: Highlands, Scotland

Distiller: Brora
Mashbill: 100% Malted Barley
Age: 30 Years
ABV: 56.6%

Cask Strength | Non-Chill Filtered | Natural Color

Bottle: 1,176

Price: NA – Auction, Specialty Store or Private Seller

Brora 30 Years Cask Strength Review


Sulfur, caramel, peat, char, malt, orchard fruit, honey, graham, citrus peels and brittle. A subtle and pleasant aroma that’s complex and interesting.

Peat, lemon cake, spice, iodine, apricot, char, orchard fruit, black tea and a bit of minerality. Like the aroma it’s subtle, pleasant, complex and interesting.

Long peaty fade of malt, honey, lemon peels and orchard fruit.

Well balanced, medium body and and soft creamy feel.

Brora 30 Years is a crisp and lovely dram with a nice thread of waxy citrus working from nose to palate and through the finish. It’s so crisp it’s almost austere, like a sharp Chardonnay, but it has character for days and a complexity to match. There’s so much going on it bordered on an A for me at the tasting. This isn’t the best Brora I’ve had, but it’s definitely up there.

I’d like to sat it’s something that every whisky geek should experience at some point, but I understand that’s definitely getting harder and harder these days. The overwhelming demand and extremely limited supply has sent the prices for things like the Brora 30 Years up and up year over year. It’ll be tough, but if you get the chance to give it a try don’t pass it up.

SCORE: 90-92/100 (A-, consumed at a tasting)

Thanks to Alex G for the tasting

Brora 30 Years Review - Score Breakdown
  • Nose - 92
  • Palate - 92
  • Finish - 92
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 92


Brora 30 Years Cask Strength is, obviously, awesome.

Brora 30 Years Cask Strength Label

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