Talisker 2012 Distiller’s Edition Review

Talisker 2012 Distiller's EditionRather recently Talisker has become one of my favorite distilleries. They put out great whisky that seems to hit my palate just right and the 2012 Distiller’s Edition is no exception. I first tried it at a small bar / diner in West Hollywood and instantly fell in love. The balance between the smoke and the sweetness of the amoroso is simply sublime and it tastes like something I would expect to spend $120+ on, but you can grab it for about 2/3 of that which makes it one hell of a deal.

The 2012 Distiller’s Edition shows restraint and finesse and it has that X factor that all great drinks should have. The X factor is that I feel good when drinking it. No I’m not talking about getting a buzz, I’m talking about that feeling you get when you have a delicous meal, where the flavors and textures are hitting just right and you can’t help but smile and you just feel content. That’s the experience I have when drinking this whisky and I can’t help but smile with each sip.

It’s safe to say that overall I absolutely love this whisky. From the first sip to the last there is a nice sense of balance and restraint in flavors and aromas with everything working together for the most part. My one criticism is that there isn’t enough peat, especially in the nose, but only by a slim margin. I can’t recommend enough that if you get the chance to taste it you do so. The way flavors, aromas and texture all fall into place make for a great drinking experience.

As always feel free to add your own notes or thoughts on this delicious dram below.

Talisker 2012 Distillers Edition Review

ABV: 45.8%
Price: $83
Distiller: Talisker
Distilled: 2001
Bottled: 2012

Medium Amber with long legs against the glass

We start off with a slightly briny, peaty, aroma punctuated with iodine and sherry. As it opens gentle notes of caramel, dark fruit, honey and malt arrive at the scene. The sweetness really comes through and the smoke fades as it opens up and I end up wanting more peat on the nose to restore some of that balance.

The peat is a little strange on the palate. It comes roaring out at first just to quickly shy away and chill in the background while caramel and sherry take center stage with malt, citrus, oak, red licorice and mint playing bit parts. Again, I would like it if the smoke was just a bit stronger here too.

This is almost as easy as they come. Silken with no burn, just a pleasant warming sensation from beginning to end. A tremendous mouthfeel.

Medium-long, slightly dry and composed of sherry, smoke and oak that fades to apricot and wood with a tiny medicinal twinge to it.

SCORE: 93/100

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5 Responses to Talisker 2012 Distiller’s Edition Review

  1. This is great winter dram! I enjoy it much more than the 10 or Storm, as well as more than the Lagavulin DE. Definitely value for the money!

  2. Talisker and Springbank are my favorite single malt distilleries. Talisker 10 is my favorite when I can splurge for it. The best Talisker I have had including the 25..haven’t had the 30..was the 175th Anniversary which I think you really can’t find anymore. The whisky elite did not like it but I sure did.

  3. Hey Josh. Love the site!

    I was wondering, as a fan of both Lagavulin 16 and Talisker 10 (with both bottles at home currently), and never having had either Distiller’s edition, which would you recommend picking up first? Let’s set aside the $30 price difference for the sake of comparison–does one stand out in your mind as the more essential experience?

    (What I really need to do is find a bar that has both.)


    • I would honestly pick up the Talisker DE before I picked up the Lagavulin DE. Definitely a great idea to try them at the bar first if you can, but if not I’d definitely say Talisker DE first. Hope that helps.


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