Talisker 10 Review

Talisker 10 Review

Talisker is one of my favorite distilleries and their workhorse, the Talisker 10, has been among my favorite go-tos ever since I encountered the distillery. Though one thing we learned at the Talisker Malt Nuts event was just how much the Talisker 10 has changed over the years and how much it can vary even within a relatively short amount of time.

This particular Talisker, which some of you might notice from the label, is from around ’93. This was my favorite of the 10 year old Talis from our Talisker event and thought it deserved a proper review. It is a little bit different than the current one, which is a nice whiskey as well, but I don’t have a review up yet of the current 10 to compare it to. Though you can expect that it will be coming relatively soon.

Talisker 10 Info

Region: Isle of Sky, Scotland

Distiller: Talisker
Mashbill: 100% malter Barley
Age: 10 years
ABV: 45%

Price: $50

Talisker 10 Review

Copper – bit of a reddish glint to it that makes me think a sherry barrel or 2 may have been used.

Honey, malt, toffee, smoke, vanilla wafer cookies, a sherry-like sweetness and a touch of salt. It all comes together nicely; giving it a nice synchronicity. Completely enjoying this.

Sweet and smoky with hints of malt, honey, dark dried fruit, char, wood and iodine. Liver and supply permitting I would drink this all day.

Malt, sweetness, smoke, dark fruit, brine and honey with a touch of wood.

Nicely balanced, medium body and a smooth texture.

This Talisker 10 is from the early 90’s and as I witnessed in the 18 bottle Malt Nuts Talisker Tasting the Tali 10s have varied a lot over the years. I’m not exactly sure how it compares to the current release, but these older editions are fantastic and if you ever see this style of label on the shelf grab it. This is some fantastic juice that has a nice mix of aromas and flavors. The finish is a bit short, but that’s me being nit picky. I like long finishes that give me time to reflect on a whisky and when I don’t get that I get a bit miffed and it knocks it down a point or 3 for me. Regardless, it’s a good whisky worth keeping an eye out for.

SCORE: 90/100

Talisker 10 Review - Score Breakdown
  • Nose - 92
  • Palate - 92
  • Finish - 89
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 89


It’s likely you can find this 90s era Talisker 10 on the shelves still today and it’ll be sporting a recent price because it won’t have a tax-strip so if you find it for today’s Tali 10 prices it’s a great value.


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  1. The main element of Talisker 10 that dominates for me is intense iodine on the nose and the palette. There are definitely some unique elements to this whiskey, including saltiness, smoke, and a hint of sherry. I have been looking forward to Talisker for a while, but the iodine is a bit off-putting for me…but hey, maybe we can work it out over the rest of the bottle. Cheers!

  2. It’s not Isle of sky, it’s Skye. Have toured the distillery numerous times. They have a cask strength distillery only bottle that is fantastic. Cheers!

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