Serendipity Ardbeg and Glen Moray Blend Review

Serendipity Ardbeg & Glen Moray Blend Review

The story behind the Serendipity Ardbeg and Glen Moray Blend is one we’ve heard before. Someone in the bottling plant accidentally mixes 2 different whiskies when dumping into the vat which creates this combination, but after tasting the accident it’s deemed amazing and sent out as a happy accident and a special edition. This is story behind Wild Turkey Forgiven and it’s also the story behind Glenmorangie 80:20.

There are two interesting things about the Glenmo one specifically as they relate to Serendipity. First there’s the fact that this “accident” happened in the same bottling facility. The second is that it’s the same ratio. Serendipity is supposedly 80% old Ardbeg mixed with 20% 12 year Glen Moray. How old is the old Ardbeg? Well according to Ardbeg Project, if the story is true, the Ardbeg in question was destined to be bottled as a 17 year expression but due to the distillery closure it would have been more like 23-24 years old. All I can say to that is… yikes.

Serendipity Ardbeg and Glen Moray Blend Review

Distiller: Ardbeg & Glen Moray (80/20)
Age: 12 years
ABV: 40%
Bottling: 2005
Price: $200+ (auction and specialty sites)

Natural Color

Light honey

There is a freshness to it, like ocean air. Fruit, malty sweetness, saline, cocoa, vanilla old wood and citrus oil round out the bulk of the aromas with a light candy undertone showing up now and then along with a light smoke.

Big fruity flavor with some bits of cocoa, vanilla, spice, old wood a malty sweetness and a light beef jerky tone towards the end that gives it a hint of smoke.

Short but nice with notes of fruit, malt, spice, and wood that quickly fades to an earthy char.

Decent balance with a medium body and a smooth watery texture

Serendipity Ardbeg and Glen Moray Blend is so light and fruity I would have never guessed that Ardbeg was involved in this pure malt blend at all. The idea that someone would mix these two “by accident” is so unbelievable to me that it has to be true. Why else would someone mix 20+ year old Ardbeg with Glen? Unless the barrels of Ardbeg weren’t that good and had become overoaked and that was just an elaborate story to sell some bottles. Since I wasn’t there I can’t vouch for the story, but what I can talk about is the whisky and at the prices this is going for at auction these days I’d take a pass. It’s not all that complex or interesting in my opinion.

SCORE: 82/100

Serendipity (Ardbeg & Glen Moray Blend)
  • Nose - 83
  • Palate - 85
  • Finish - 80
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 82


Ardbeg & Glen Serendipity is a collectors whisky so you’re going to pay out the nose for something that I honestly don’t find very interesting. So take that for what it is, just my opinion.

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