Lagavulin 2013 Distiller’s Edition Review

Lagavulin 2013 Distiller's Edition
The Lagavulin 2013 Distiller’s Edition is billed as being “Double Matured” and before you run off to the store thinking you’re getting a 32 year single malt for $110 let me explain. The double maturation it’s referring to is just the barrel process they put the whiskey through. First it gets matured in ex-bourbon barrels and then it spends some time finishing in ex-PX sherry casks. The juice inside is still only 16 years like the standard Lagavulin, it’s just been on a different journey.

So what did that different path do to the whisky? Well, to put it bluntly the 2013 Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition is really damn good. So damn good that I wanted to go out and buy a case all for myself, but then I thought about all the other whiskey that $726 could buy me and I quickly changed my mind and became happy with what I have. I’m sure there’s a life lesson in there somewhere…

Lagavulin 2013 Distiller’s Edition Review

Batch: lgv.4/502

ABV: 43%
Age: 16 years
Price: $110

Dark amber with orange facets

Warm peat battles with a raisin heavy dark fruit for dominance. Malt comes up next followed by notes of caramel, iodine, brine, plums and wood. There is a whole host of complex sweet, savory and spicy notes sifting and swaying throughout this remarkable nose.

The smoky peat gets a slight lead on the raisin heavy dark fruit which is followed by a big dose of sherry sweetness and silky malt. Under these heavyweights is a bed of caramel, salt, smoked meat, honey, iodine and a complex platoon of lighter sweet and savory flavors.

Smoke and sherry waltz through with a string of savory spices, malt and wood on a luxuriously long finish.

It’s strange to use the words delicate and Lagavulin in the same sentence, but that’s the best way to describe its balance which is paired with a rich full body and an oily texture that fills and coats the mouth and throat as it makes its way down.

It’s a damn good whisky. It has all the amazing salty, briny, iodiney, peaty, smoky and yummy characteristics of the classic Lagavulin 16 but they’re paired with some bold and delicious notes of raisin heavy dark fruit from the Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. It’s sweet meets smoky in a tasty tango that puts a giant grin on my face with every sip.

SCORE: 87/100

edit: updated score to fit with current
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