Kilchoman Single Cask #360 Review

Kilchoman Single Cask 360

Here it is folks. My favorite bottle from the Kilchoman tasting; It also happens to be the one that no one can buy anymore. Completely sold out, the cask #360 hails from the same juice as the award winning Kilchoman 2007 Vintage and was a special gift brought to us by James Wills who was kind enough to share this absolute stunner of a cask with us that night.

Kilchomen uses ex-bourbon barrels and from each barrel you only get somewhere between 200-300ish bottles of whisky so by their nature single cask or single barrel offerings are extremely limited. Which is why if you find something from a specific cask or barrel you really love you need to grab as many as you can because it literally will not be released again. It can’t be,

Overall this is an amazing example of the quality scotch coming out of Kilchoman. It hits every note just right and despite clocking in just shy of 120 proof was astoundingly supple and easy to drink even without a splash of water, though a splash did make it more expressive. I’d say run out an try it yourself, but you’re just going to have to take my word on this one… it’s really damn good.

Kilchoman Single Cask #360 Review

ABV: 59.9%
Price: Sold Out
Distiller: Kilchoman

Pale gold

Malt arrives along with a glancing blow of ethanol. Give it a second and a pleasant oak and caramel move up followed by vanilla, honey and mild fruit. The peat is only there as a whisper till water is added and then it comes rolling out.

The missing peat from the nose is found on the palate mingling with some sherry like sweetness, raisins and juicy dark fruit. A layer of honey and caramel mixes with the heaviest amount of iodine and brine I’ve tasted in a Kilchoman. Sweet, savory, salty and smoky. This one had it all.

Shockingly smooth for 120 proof.

Malt and peat float on top of more sherry like sweetness and vanilla for a long enticing finish.

SCORE: NA – Had this at a Kilchoman hosted SoCal Whiskey Club tasting and didn’t get to spend enough time to give it a confident rating.

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