Kilchoman K&L Exclusive Single Cask #172 Review

Kilchoman K and L Exclusive Single Cask 172 Review

Of the two K&L exclusives this, Kilchoman cask #172, is the one I would buy. Not just because it was the highest proof bottle of the night (120.4), but because it was a mite bit more rounded and solid than cask #74. For me the flavor and aroma of cask 172 comes together more harmoniously and ends up being just a tad more satisfying of a dram.

This was the last whisky of the night from our Kilchoman tasting and that’s when James let us all in on the secret behind Kilchoman’s barrel program. Not only do they exclusively use Buffalo Trace casks for their whisky, but they have them shipped over whole to retain their original character and integrity.

Overall this is incredible and when you look at all the factors leading up to make this whisky it’s easy to see why Kilchoman is putting out such stellar stuff. Small stills, exclusive use of Buffalo Trace casks, sourcing of Ardbeg spec malt and insane attention to the details and process all make for one hell of a great dram.

Kilchoman K&L Exclusive Single Cask #172 Review

ABV: 60.2%
Price: $110
Distiller: Kilchoman

Pale gold

Malt comes right up and says hello before introducing his friends caramel, leather, marshmallow and brine. There is also a brief introduction to his acquaintance oak and light fruit. Add a splash of water to the party and the sweet and earthy notes move up a notch to really open and transform this whisky.

Peat and malt slide out first followed by graham and oak. A bit of vanilla and honey timidly come through with a sherry like sweetness riding beneath the whole thing. Again, water kicks up the earthy notes and the peat becomes even more expressive.

Syrupy and silken it’s just incredible how easy it is to drink this at the full 120.4 proof.

Peat is present through the long finish and is accompanied by pulsing notes of malt, caramel, ash and an ambiguous sweetness.

SCORE: NA – Had this at a Kilchoman hosted SoCal Whiskey Club tasting and didn’t get to spend enough time to feel confident in a rating, but would easily rate this in the mid 90’s

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