Jura 10 years Review


Jura 10 year Review

Let’s just get this out of the way right now… I am not a fan of Jura 10. Are there other Jura’s out there that are delicious? Sure. Superstition isn’t too bad and their 16 yr is also kinda nice. This however I’m having troubles finding something to like about it. It’s one of the few whiskies where after one glass I have zero urge to pour myself a second.

According to George Orwell the Isle of Jura is “Extremely unget-at-able” and it remains that way even today and is difficult to get to in the best of weather. I’ve never been there, but apparently if you’re coming from London it takes two planes and a boat which means there should be something there worth the journey. Unfortunately this is not that thing… not even close.

Jura 10 yr. Review

ABV: 43%
Price: $32
Distiller: Isle of Jura Distillery Co.

Amber with hints of orange

Funky malt comes sliding out of the glass followed by vanilla, honey, cumin and dying flowers. If you’ve ever bought your significant other flowers and they stayed in the house till they were wilting and the petals started falling off you’ll know what I’m talking about. Under this strange bouquet of scents are some lighter notes of overripe oranges, caramel syrup, white chocolate and something I can only describe as buttered popcorn Jelly Bellys.

The malt is powerful upfront and it’s accompanied by some ambiguous fruit, orange peel, vanilla custard and a light milk chocolate. There is an interesting sweetness to it that reminds me of Smarties with some strong earthy undertones running throughout. Strange and not very inviting.

Med-short it starts out malty and then fades to cinnamon with some milky coca notes before turning woody and kicking up some of that cumin like funk on it’s way out.

The earthy cumin-like funk is knocking it off balance and making it feel disjointed. Smooth heavy feel to it. It has a surprising amount of weight to it.

I think it’s rather apparent at this point, but overall I just don’t care for it. The nose is funky, marshy and after a few minutes of sniffing I’m completely over it and don’t want to keep up with the activity. The funk dissipates a bit on the palate but it doesn’t completely go away. There are some strong earthy tones that become rather cloying by the end and knock the whole thing off balance. Sorry Jura, just not a fan of the 10.

SCORE: 78/100


Jura 10 year: Empty Bottle Reflections (01-04-14 update)

It’s just not a good whisky/ Sitting here with the last glass and thinking about everything it just really is a sub-par whisky. I Know that Jura makes better whisky than this, and I know that they can put out some tasty stuff, but this just isn’t it. Sorry Jura, this is just not your best showing and I fond myself liking it less and less as I drank it to the point where I had no choice but to remove another point from it giving it a final score of 78.

FINAL VERDICT: Not worth the money.

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