Glenfiddich 15 years Review

Glenfiddich 15 years Review

Glenfiddich 15 years is a product of a solera vat. What is a solera vat you ask? On a simplistic scale let’s say you filled a bottle with 1 oz of whisky from 25 different bottles. Then, when you wanted to add an ounce from another whisky you have you took an ounce out first and so the content of that bottle kept changing and evolving. Now amp that up to a vat made from Oregon Pine that holds around 9,774 gallons.

After aging for at least 15 years, whiskies that have been aged in ex-sherry and ex-bourbon casks get put into the vat along with some some whisky from the ex-bourbon barrels that received an additional 4-6 months finishing in virgin oak barrels. The solera vat is never allowed to reach below 1/2 so new batches are continually added to the previous batches which were added to the previous batches which were added to the previous batched and so on.

After sitting in the solera vat for “a while” (duration being dependent upon demand) a portion of the still uncut whisky (cask strength) is moved over to solera tuns which each hold about 660 gallons and the liquid spends at least 3 more months marrying and mellowing. Then after a minimum of 3 months it gets cut with water and bottled as Glenfiddich 15.

Glenfiddich 15 years Review

Distiller: Glenfiddich
Age:15 years
ABV: 40%
Price: $50

Dark Honey

Meaty dark fruit mixed with honey, raisins, toasted nuts and cinnamon. It’s a warm and sticky nose with hints of graham cracker, hay, sweet maltiness and dried cherries. It’s nice, but comes across a little dull and muddled.

Honey, dark fruit and nuts with notes of baking spices, toffee, raisins, hay and phyllo dough blending in. There’s a faint hint of smoky char towards the end and like the nose it’s bit muddled and dull.

Dark fruity sweetness, malt, pie crust and char hang out for a medium fade.

There is a slightly cloying nature to it that threatens to throw it off balance, but the malt and spice notes keep it from taking over. Medium body and a slick oily texture that has a mild heat to it.

I’m not an enormous ‘fiddich fan to begin with but this Glenfiddich 15 isn’t too bad. However, I don’t like it much more than the 12. The 12 year is a bit more of a balanced and and all around simple but tasty malt. This has a lot more going on but it feels a bit muddled and sluggish. It’s far from being my favorite in the Glenfiddich line and for the price I’d rather get the 12. Though since this is done in a solera vat future batches could change a little.

SCORE: 85/100

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  1. […] Glenfiddich 15 Cask Strength is the Glenfiddich I want to drink everyday. I want cases of this stuff, but unfortunately it’s not made any more. I’m not exactly sure when it stopped being produced, but looking through a couple of forums it seems like this bottling went from being available in retail in the mid / late 90’s, to duty free and distillery only, to distillery only and then was replaced by the current distillery exclusive which is a cask strength version of the 15 year Solara. […]

  2. Really don’t k of what it is about this whiskey but all the notes like apple and pear, honey it seems like it tea like? I taste green tea in the mix. Weird huh?

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