Bowmore Devil’s Cask Review

Bowmore Devil's Cask Review

The Bowmore Devil’s Casks isn’t the sherry bomb I thought it was going to be. It’s more like a sherry controlled explosion, which I love. I hate it when the sherry completely dominates the whisky flavors and instead of having a glass of nicely sweetened whisky you end up holding something that more resembles a whisky finished sherry and completely loses the point. The Bowmore Devil’s cask completely keeps on point and it’s absolutely stellar.

Being a 10 year small batch release it’s not likely we’re going to see it again anytime soon unless the lads at Bowmore were preparing for it to be a hit and have stocks ready to go for a new batch next year. Which I hope they do and, for a while at least, it becomes a regular thing. We need more sherried whiskies that show this kind of restraint and balance while still exploding with complex flavors and aromas.

Overall this was one of the most surprising whiskies I had in 2013. For me it set a new standard on sherried whisky and I wish I had another bottle in reserve. Stocks of it disappeared instantly in all of the bottle shops around me so if you get the chance to try it I highly recommend you grab this devil by the horns and settle in for one hell of a delicious ride.

If you’ve tried the Bowmore Devil’s Casks add your thoughts and notes in the comments below.

Bowmore Devil’s Casks Review

ABV: 56.9%
Price: $100
Distiller: Bowmore
Details: Aged 10 years, cask strength, unchillfiltered

Dark ruby

Smoke, sherry (duh) and caramel syrup dominate the nose and create a diabolical background for a horde of sweet and savory notes the play. Iodine, burnt toffee, maple, strawberry preserves, leather, cinnamon and smoked ham are all running amok with a slight nutty underpinning.

Sherry and peat (really? no way) come roaring out of the glass like a bat out of hell with caramel adding some backup wails. Tobacco, a bit of oak, roasted nuts, a hint of candy like Smarties, a very mild herbal quality and a healthy dose of the darkest fruit leather Hell has to offer creates this complex and delicious Danse Macabre.

This is quite a thorny whisky with a burn commensurate to it’s name and oily texture that makes this both a drink and an experience.

Smoke, wood, tobacco and dark fruit fade to a soft smoke that hangs around like a disembodied soul, haunting the palate long after it’s gone.

SCORE: 96/100

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