Auchentoshan 13 Review – Total Wine and More Exclusive Casks

Auchentoshan 13 Review

Holy cow this Auchentoshan 13 was fantastic. This was my third favorite of the night and even now I’m considering going down to Redondo beach and picking up a bottle. I’ve had plenty of Auchen in my time, but this really seemed to take things up a notch over some of their standard releases. Maybe it was the 13 years, maybe it was the cask strength or maybe was the marrying of two different un-cut barrels. Either way there was something a little special about this one.

Typically associated with Irish whiskey, Auchentoshan utilizes triple distillation in the creation of their whiskies which are known for their lightness. In Scotland most distilleries only distill their whisky twice which lends to a bit heavier of a character. Being an unpeated lowland scotch that is 3x distilled Auchentoshan whisky tends to be sweet and delicate with a lot of dessert flavors getting picked up from the ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks they use to age their whisky in.

Overall this was just plain great. It had all of the light sweet and fruity characters riding on a delicate body with some baking spices underpinning the whole experience. The way I’m describing it sounds like it would be better as a dessert whisky than a daily drinker, but while it is delicate and sweet it isn’t weak. Enough grassy malt comes through to balance out the sweet notes and make it something I could easily drink every day.

Have you had this Auchentoshan, or any others? What did you think?

Auchentoshan 13 Review

ABV: 53.6%
Price: $80 (Total Wine and More)
Distiller: Auchentoshan

Light caramel

I’ve never caught this much cinnamon off of an Auchentoshan before, but I kind of like it. Following it are some typical notes of honey and light orchard fruit that give way to vanilla frosting and malt. There is a hint of something I can only describe as root beer. Not the stuff that comes in a can, but the kind you make from “scratch” and serve at parties in giant bowls with a chunk of dry ice in the middle.

Again with that cinnamon. It’s a delightful surprise and it pairs well with the honey and caramel that are accompanying it upfront. Following this trio are some great malty notes, orchard fruit, toffee and fresh cut grass. It really blends together well on the palate.

Mild and easy to sip at full strength.

Long and heavy with caramel the finish slowly fades out to brown sugar with a bit of fruit and malt.

SCORE: NA – I tried this one at a SoCal Whiskey Club tasting but wasn’t able to spend enough time with it to give it a score, but it ranked #3 / 8 for the night.

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