Arran 16 Review – Total Wine and More Exclusive Casks

Arran 16 Review

Ooh la la I like the Arran 16. In the tasting ranking it comes in 4/8 but it ran a really close race with the Auchentoshan 13 and is one I would really like to try again and taste it side by side with the Auchen. I went away feeling like this was definitely a daily drinker and one of those whiskies that would likely grow on me the more I drank it and could possibly end up outpacing the Auchen 13 by the end of the bottle.

Arran is in the minority of Scottish distilleries in that they keep the majority of their whisky for use in their single malt with a relatively small amount shipped out to be used in creating blends. Arran is also the only distillery that can legally use the image and signature of Scotland’s National Poet, Robert Burns, on their packaging which makes them especially popular during Burns Night celebrations.

Overall, like all of the other Total Wine a More Exclusive Casks from that night, I enjoyed the Arran. Sweet, yet bold and remarkably smooth and sippable at cask strength, this is a whisky I could have a dram of every day and not get bored with before emptying the bottle. A splash of water unleashes a sleeping giant of flavor and aroma with the malt becoming more apparent and the sweet notes kicking up a bit more. Truly a delicious, multidimensional and balanced whisky.

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Arran 16 Review

ABV: 51.2%
Price: $90 (Total Wine and More)
Distiller: Arran

Light caramel

Rich caramel and tropical fruit accompanied by butterscotch came tumbling out of the glencairn. I can’t believe how heavy these notes are on the nose and they pretty much dominate it with a light apricot and a feint malt coming through as it opens up a bit.

Things shift around a bit on the palate and the fruit comes across more like over ripe orchard fruit with a caramel coating. Red licorice ride up ahead of some malt, toffee, sweet sherry and a very distinct apricot. There is the barest of wood hanging out in there.

Easy with a bit more bite than I was expecting.

Surprisingly short and filled with caramel, apricot, malt and just a wee bit of sherry.

SCORE: NA – I tried this one at a SoCal Whiskey Club tasting but wasn’t able to spend enough time with it to give it a score, but it ranked #4 / 8 for the night.


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