Ardbeg 10 Year Review

Ardbeg 10 Year Review

Ardbeg 10 year is the flagship whisky for the Islay distillery which is known for its heavily peated (50 PPM) style of scottish single malt whisky. Recent bottlings of Ardbeg 10 is often referred to as “New” Ardbeg TEN as it’s made from distillate that was create after the company was purchased by Glenmorangie in 1997. This being a L13 (2013) release means it’s also some of the last Ardbeg 10 juice distilled before the LVMH buyout of Glenmorangie & Ardbeg in 2004.

In the grand scheme though the LVMH buyout isn’t really a big deal and didn’t affect the company the same way as when Glenmorangie purchased them which is why the post Glenmo purchase is considered the “New” juice. The “Old” juice came from an Ardbeg that from 89-96 was only open 2 months each year for distilling due to its low sales volume and overall low popularity. Even though Glenmorangie did start mashing and distilling in 1997 it wasn’t until 1998 when they got up to full speed which is why the Ardbeg Path To Peaty Maturity line (Very Young, Still Young, Almost There & Renaissance) all comes from 1998 distillate.

Ardbeg 10 Year Review

Distiller: Ardbeg
Age: 10 years
ABV: 46%
Bottling: L13 241 09:39 6ML
Price: $50

Non-Chill Filtered
Natural Color

Pear juice

Peat and a buttery salinity move out with some fruit, vanilla, spice and some fresh pastry notes. Some light notes of honey candy, malty sweetness and a 7up like citrus note come through more as it opens up.

Peat, fruit, honey, vanilla and a red licorice sweetness move out across the palate. Dancing and moving along the way are some light notes of pastry, salinity and 7up and a slight bitterness that moves in heavier towards the end.

Long and peaty with bits of tropical fruit, honey, vanilla, sweetness and granola.

Decent balance with a medium body and soft smooth texture.

The Ardbeg 10 year is a good solid Islay whisky that is a reliably tasty treat. It’s relatively cheap and enjoyable; has a nice smoky, buttery, salty and fruity nose; a tasty, albeit slightly flat, flavor and a finish that lingers warmly. A great daily drinker for fans of the smoke.

SCORE: 87/100

Ardbeg 10 year
  • Nose - 88
  • Palate - 87
  • Finish - 86
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 87


Ardbeg 10 year is a pretty good value for what you get. Definitely worth the money in my opinion.

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