Ardbeg Perpetuum is this year’s Ardbeg Day Release

Ardbeg Perpetuum

What does the future hold? A bottle of Ardbeg Perpetuum if you’re lucky.

Dear Committee Member Its incredible balance… its complexity… its peaty perfection… The reasons we love Ardbeg are endless. So it’s fitting that the name of our limited edition 200th anniversary bottling should reflect our ultimate quest – to keep making incredible whisky forever and ever.

We’ve named it Ardbeg Perpetuum and it’s Ardbeg’s past, present and future – bottled. Dr Bill Lumsden, our Whisky Creator, has taken inspiration from the differing styles of whisky his predecessors have created over the last 200 years.

Ardbeg Perpetuum will be on sale this Ardbeg Day, 30th May 2015. But paradoxically, it won’t be available forever. So if you wish to own one in perpetuity you will have to be quick.

Keep an eye on your inbox in the very near future to find out how to get your hands on a bottle and where your nearest Ardbeg Day event will be held.

Mickey Heads
Committee Chairman

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Ardbeg 200


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2 Responses to Ardbeg Perpetuum is this year’s Ardbeg Day Release

  1. Got my hands on a bottle and it has that peaty smoky flavor that La Phroaig regulars like myself are drawn to. Feels like I am sipping the ocean breeze on the Isle of Islay. Starts light and clean with hints of floral and fruits, then creeps in the peaty sea flavors followed by a deep long bold smoky finish. I rather enjoy the strong 94.8 proof as this whisky has legs. Probably my favorite Ardbeg ever. Perpetuum while the names means forever I doubt my bottle will last that long.

    • “Perpetuum while the names means forever I doubt my bottle will last that long.” -Ha, yeah my sample bottle didn’t. Now I just need to score one when it comes out!

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