Russell’s Reserve Rye Single Barrel Review

Russell's Reserve Rye Single Barrel Review

Russell’s Reserve Rye Single Barrel is a new product that will be coming out later this year and from what I understand will be available in limited quantities for off-premise. For the bar and store single barrel program it will be available starting January of next year (2016). This is one of the new Wild Turkey whiskeys I got to try when I visited the Wild Turkey distillery a few weeks ago and is a fantastic example of Wild Turkey rye.

Aged for 6 years and bottled at 104 proof, Eddie had first hoped to offer this at the same 110 proof as the Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon, but according to him it came across too sweet. So he played around with the addition of water and landed on 104 proof as the sweet spot to really bring out the spicy character of the rye. I didn’t get to taste it at the fill 110 proof, but at 104 proof this rye is definitely packed with flavor.

Russell’s Reserve Rye Single Barrel Info

Region: Kentucky, USA

Distiller: Wild Turkey
Cask: New charred oak
Age: 6 years
ABV: 52%

Non-Chill Filtered | Natural Color

Price: $60

Russell’s Reserve Rye Single Barrel Review

Light caramel

A charge of rye and baking spice followed by strong notes of pepper, dill, vanilla and citrus. Lighter notes of citrus, nuts and fruit fade in and out. It’s a wonderful rye focused nose and I enjoyed it immensely. A great cask.

Heavy rye and baking spices roll across the palate, forging the path for notes of citrus, dill, dark sweets and a bit of mint to come through. Like the nose the palate is rye centric and wonderful.

Long spicy fade of wood, citrus and dark sweets.

A really nice balance, thick full body and viscous heavy texture.

The Russell’s Reserve Rye Single Barrel experience will, by its nature, change a bit from cask to cask, but this cask was fantastic; if it had been available in the gift shop I would have walked out the door with a bottle. Once it gets put out as an official option in the single barrel program it will be a great new option in the rye category and I’m definitely looking forward to it. High proof, non-chill filtered and spicy just like a good rye should be. Loved it.

SCORE: 90/100

Russell’s Reserve Rye Single Barrel Review - Score Breakdown
  • Nose - 90
  • Palate - 90
  • Finish - 90
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 90


When stores are able to start carrying the Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye they’re going to be a good value. This is a bold and powerful single barrel rye for a fairly reasonable price.

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9 Responses to Russell’s Reserve Rye Single Barrel Review

    • Hey Aldo,

      Since it’s a single cask it will change from cask to cask, but on the whole it was fantastic. It’ll be like the Four Roses Single Barrels. Sometimes they’re going to blow you away, other times they might just blow. But even when it’s the latter it’s still better than most other mediocre / average whiskey.


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  2. Wow! This a really bright bold rye. I just found a bottle on my local store’s shelf and decided to give it a try. I may pick up a second bottle to keep hidden away. I love my Sazerac Rye. This is a nice complement to it, Sazerac is so smooth and easy. This rye really catches your attention. Cheers!

  3. Tried this today in a baby plastic sample cup at a store and liked it quite a bit. Not enough to buy it when two Liters of 101 rye can be had for less.

    Great job on the label change on the bourbon to keep the two consistent.

  4. Hey Josh, just picked up a bottle of this the other day. I love Rye and have really been looking forward to finding a bottle of this. Your review really is spot on as this screams RYE, nobody who drinks whiskey even casually would mistake this for a bourbon say!
    I really think this might be my favorite rye in years and years. I like the stuff coming out of High West (sourced still of course) but this is noticeably better…though the cost is higher. The BTAC stuff is great, as well as the Pappy 13 yr. old (both overpriced) but both taste as much like bourbon as rye. This doesn’t hide the fact it is a rye!

    • Thanks James and you’re dead on about that. This one is completely unapologetic about being a rye. I just picked up a bottle from a barrel my local store got and I haven’t opened it yet, but I’m looking forward to doing it soon.


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