Jim Beam Rye Review

Jim Beam Rye Review

Jim Beam rye is one of my least favorite ryes. Clocking in with the bare minimum mashbill of 51% rye it feels like a phoned in effort to hop on the rye whiskey band wagon. It doesn’t feel like a fully thought out, realized or appreciated vision and comes across rather lackluster.

There is a whole list of rye whiskeys I would rather have than this one and I could spend a paragraph or two talking about the aspects I don’t like about it, but I hate being negative except when absolutely necessary so I’ll just say this. It makes a great cocktail mixer and, due to it’s comparatively low rye spice, serves as a great introduction to the rye category if you’re just getting into it.

Overall, it just doesn’t hit me like I feel a rye should. Rye should have a presence. It should be bold and in your face with spice and earthy notes that just don’t come across as strongly here and I end up feeling like something is missing. It’s one of those whiskeys that I just can’t get into and with so much good rye hovering around that same $20 mark I just don’t know why I would ever buy a bottle of this again.

Jim Beam Rye Review

ABV: 40%
Price: $19
Distiller: Jim beam
Age: 4 years
Mashbill: 51% rye (the rest is a secret but I’d guess 41-45% corn & 4-8% malt)

Golden Caramel with hints of red

Wow this is a weird rye. Cherry and vanilla upfront with some leather and a pop of rye spice. Delicately blended in are some notes of orange and cinnamon with hints of fruit, honey and potpourri.

Caramel, imitation vanilla, and some pepper. The rye spice is rather weak compared to other rye whiskeys, but it definitely comes through and is paired up with some cinnamon, red licorice and a hint of pear.

The low ABV and skillful blending makes this incredibly smooth and silken.

Medium in length and strangely dry with rye spice and citrus fading to wood.

SCORE: 79/100

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