Ezra Brooks Rye Review

Ezra Brooks Rye Review

Ezra Brooks Rye is a new rye whiskey label brought to the market by Luxco and sourced from MGP of Indiana. It’s an extension of the Ezra Brooks line which is owned by Luxco and distributed nationally. It also comes in quite an attractive bottle and label.

In Luxco’s Words: Ezra Brooks Rye

“Ezra Brooks Straight Rye, a genuine straight rye whiskey, is made from the finest ingredients available and bottled at an honest 90 proof. This rye whiskey offers slightly sweet and oaky tones with a warm, spicy finish – making it perfect for crafting classic cocktails or enjoying on the rocks. It is available nationally starting this month in 750ml and 50ml bottles.”

Seriously, I like the style of the bottle, it looks like an old style whiskey bottle. I like the feel of the label, it has a slightly rough texture to it that give it some grip, but none of that factors into the review. It’s all about what’s IN the bottle and to get into that we need to dive on in to the Ezra Brooks Rye review below.

Ezra Brooks Rye Info

Region: Indiana, USA

Distiller: MGP
Bottler: Luxco
Mashbill: 95% Rye, 5% Malted Barley
Cask: New Charred Oak
Age: 2 Years
ABV: 45%

Non-Chill Filtered | Natural Color

Price: $20

Ezra Brooks Rye Review

Light caramel

Fruity overtones with notes of butterscotch, dill, toffee and a bit of oak and spice. Not very complex, but quite nice.

More fruity overtones with notes of butterscotch, dill, toffee, fresh bread and bits of spice, oak and vanilla. Like the nose it’s not going to blow your mind, but it’s perfectly enjoyable.

Medium fade of fruit, butterscotch, spice, toffee and bread.

Ok balance, medium body and a light soft feel.

The Ezra Brooks Rye isn’t bad by any means. It’s a bit light and fruity, but the spicy backbone and 90 proof delivery makes it perfectly sippable as well as being able to easily integrate into any cocktail where you want spice without the oak. This whiskey isn’t going to blow your mind or wow your palate, but it’s a good cheap workhorse that’s perfectly drinkable neat.

SCORE: 83/100 (B)

*Disclosure: This was graciously sent to me by the company for the purposes of this review. The views, opinions, and tasting notes are 100% my own.
Ezra Brooks Rye Review - Score Breakdown
  • Nose - 83
  • Palate - 83
  • Finish - 83
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 83


Ezra Brooks Rye is a decent workhorse whiskey.

Ezra Brooks Rye Label

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10 Responses to Ezra Brooks Rye Review

  1. EB rye and Old Overholt are about the same price. The mash blls are totally different and OO is a year older. Your overall rating is the same for both whiskies. Which is your favorite?

  2. Thanks for the review, Josh. Ezra is one of my go-to everyday bourbons (in other words, if it’s on sale I pick up a bottle, heh heh), and now I’ll add their rye to my “Oh! Look what’s on sale” list. It’s nice that the distillers are practically all giving rye a go these days. I feel very 1950s when I drink a rye…

  3. Have yet to try this one, but it’s on my list. How does it compare to George Dickel rye? Both MGP-sourced, both charcoal-filtered before bottling, both bottled at 45% abv, but if I recall the George Dickel is 4 yrs old and I see that the Ezra Brooks is only 2.

  4. I went through a bottle of this rather quickly. I found it to be tasty over ice, and the Manhattan is terrific with Noilly – but I really like it with Dubonnet! This is a solid choice for a low-priced whiskey. Someone brought a bottle of 6 yr Templeton to a party at the house recently, and even though the spirit is the same base and the Templeton is 4 yrs older, I much prefer the Ezra. I will be stocking up, as it’s currently selling for 12 and change at the local supermarket. Cheers indeed!

    • Thanks for sharing David. It likely the reason you like the Ezra more is because it’s just rye whiskey. Templeton adds artificial flavoring to their whiskey which changes it drastically from the core.


  5. I found a bottle of this here in Tokyo for under $20 and have to say I’m really enjoying it. It’s rye, so fruity, spicy and a bit in-your-face, pretty much what I want from rye. It’s an MGP 95% rye distillation, so is this the same as Bulleit but at two-thirds the price, or is the Bulleit stuff older? I don’t have them side by side, but the Brooks tastes very similar to the Bulleit.

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