Redbreast 21 Review

Redbreast 21 years Review

I got to try Redbreast 21 at Whisky Live LA (hence the shoddy image) and I was floored by what I was experiencing. So much so that I kind of forgot to write down my notes while I sipped on my first sample. Sheepishly I went back for seconds and the smiling Irish brand manager was more than happy to oblige and this time I was more thoughtful with my approach.

I stepped aside to one of the small standing tables that littered the event hall floor and took my time slowly nosing, sipping and focusing on the whiskey and it soon came apparent that my first assumption was correct. This is a fantastic whiskey and I was right to go back and get another sample to spend more time with it.

Of course my next thoughts were about how I could smuggle that bottle out of the hall. Seeing as how I wanted to be invited back to the next one I decided against grabbing the bottle and running out the door laughing maniacally which was the subtle plan my lubricated brain had concocted.

Redbreast 21 Review

Distiller: Irish Distillers (New Midleton)
ABV: 46%
Age: 21 years
Price: $250

Light gold

Complex tropical leaning fruit with strong notes of vanilla, spice, honey and that wonderful lightly coppered single pot still character. Lighter notes of apples and dark sweets like caramel and brittle haunt the background along with a light bit of wood.

Same complex tropical leaning fruit from the nose slides through on the palate and again is accompanied by notes of vanilla, spice, a rich single pot still character and a stronger woody presence than the nose. A touch of honey, citrus and a light earthy quality team up with a bit of mint to add interesting facets to this complex palate.

Spice, vanilla and toasted nuts give way to a sweet and coppery single pot still character that fades out nice and slow.

Perfectly balanced with a rich full body and thick supple texture. It’s a fantastic drinking experience.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love the Redbreast 21. It’s warm and complex from nose through finish with subtle notes creating shifting facets that keep the senses working. If it weren’t $250 I would have 4 or 5 bottles of it sitting on my shelves at home right now. It’s simply stunning and I promise that as soon as I break down and buy myself a bottle I’ll be posting a much better picture… and of course updating this section since it won’t make sense any more.

SCORE: 95/100

Redbreast 21
  • Nose - 96
  • Palate - 95
  • Finish - 94
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 95

Redbreast 21 Value

It’s obscenely good, but it’s hard for me to call anything priced at $250 a great value so let me put it this way. If you’re looking for one of the best examples of Irish whiskey out there and you happen to have a budget of $250 then I would highly recommend this.

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  1. My wife just surprised me with a bottle of this from Dublin Airport Duty Free – $160!! I said thanks – you should’ve bought more! I look forward to giving this a try.

  2. I treated myself to this to celebrate my 60th. Absolutely incredible whiskey. Was like a tropical fruit bomb. I love the 12 CS and that will always be in the bar but had to have this.
    Your review was spot on

    Have a great 2017

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