Midleton Very Rare Review

Midleton Very Rare Review

Midleton Very Rare is a blended Irish Whiskey and, coming from Midleton, is basically a high-end Jameon. Think of it like the Johnny Walker Blue in the line up, only it tastes much, much, better than Johhny Blue does in my opinion. It has a high quantity of Single Pot Still whiskey in it which gives it a wonderful flavor and aroma that is complex yet approachable and thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. This particular bottle is from the 2008 batch.

Midleton Very Rare was first created in 1984 and since then has been a staple of the Midleton line-up with it’s dated, yearly release. Each annual batch is made from 50 casks selected by the master distiller, each cask (ex-bourbon or ex-sherry) ranges from 12-25 years of age and is triple distilled (including the grain whiskey). Every bottle is individually numbered and the label “signed” by the master distiller at the time, which in 2008 was Mr. Barry Crockett whose name appeared on all the bottles until the 2014 release when Brian Nation’s name appeared since barry retired last year.

Midleton Very Rare Review

Distiller: Midleton
Age: NAS
ABV: 40%
Price: $140


Malty single pot still character explodes out of the glass stirring up notes of caramel, complex fruit, vanilla, honey, dark sweets, dried berries, whipped cream and fresh crepes. It’s lovely.

Malty pot still loveliness moves gracefully across the palate with complex notes of fruit and dark sweets keeping pace. Hints of dried berries, citrus peel and an earthy hay like undertone supply added dimension to an already complex flavor.

Long and malty with notes of wood, fruit and dark sweets that fade to a light grain whiskey profile.

Great balance with a rich round body and oily texture.

I’m really enjoying this bottle of Midleton Very Rare. The high amount of single pot still in this bottle is readily apparent with the grain whiskey making small appearances here and there until the finish, but even then it comes across more like a well aged grain whiskey than it does a young spirity one. Overall it’s a lovely lovely dram and I can’t say enough good about it.

SCORE: 92/100

Midleton Very Rare
  • Nose - 90
  • Palate - 93
  • Finish - 92
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 93

Midleton Very Rare Value

Midleton Very Rare is REALLY good and as a special occasion bottle this is a great deal, but as a daily drinker it’s on the pricier side. Especially for a blend.

User Rating: 2.3 (145 votes)
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  1. My passion is Irish whiskey, and Middleton is my favorite. You captured the flavored very well in your description, particularly the caramel note. An exquisitely clean and pure drink.

  2. Josh,

    As always this is a fantastic review of an incredible whiskey. I typically like but don’t love Irish whiskey, with the exception of Middleton Very Rare. I was lucky enough to land a pour at Kevin Barry’s pub in Savannah, GA (which easily has to be one of the best Irish pubs in the country)- they were offering it for a ridiculously reasonable $25/pour (esp. when compared to what a lot of bars charge for BTAC, etc. now). Drinking this incredible whiskey at that awesome pub is one of my all time favorite whiskey memories.

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