Jameson Irish Whiskey Review

Jameson Irish Whiskey Review

Irish whiskey has been on a tear lately and leading the charge has been Jameson which is now the number one selling Irish whiskey in the world with my beloved Bushmills coming in second. The standard Jameson is single-dramedly responsible for a large chunk of the current boom as a new generation of drinkers are discovering the joys of Irish whiskey.

Like many Irish whiskeys Jameson is triple distilled, compared to the typical 2x distilled of Scotland and America, which removes more “impurities” and gives it more of a light clean flavor. Think of how vodka brands hype their 6, 7, 8, etc, distillations to achieve an even cleaner and lighter spirit. Jameson is also a blended Irish which means the 3x distilled malt whiskey is blended with grain whiskey which lightens the flavor and texture even more.

Overall Jameson is a tasty whiskey that I enjoy for what it is. It’s not my first choice neat, but on the rocks it’s nice and as a mixer it’s excellent. In my opinion the Jameson original is a little lighter on flavor than Bushmills white label and a smidgen unbalanced with the grain alcohol showing up a bit too much on the nose and palate to be a daily drinker for me. Still, it’s decent stuff and I’m happy to see so many people “discovering” Irish whiskey because of it.

If you’ve had Jameson Irish Whiskey add your own notes or thoughts in the comments below.

Jameson Irish Whiskey Review

ABV: 40%
Price: $24
Distiller: John Jameson & Son / Irish Distillers Limited @ Midleton

Pale gold

A wafting of grain alcohol is the first thing that meets the nostrils followed by honey, pear and an ambiguous over ripe orchard fruit. A bit of malt and citrus are wandering around in there with a strange dusty quality running throughout.

A light and clean tasting beverage that starts out with malt, vanilla and under ripe citrus. Included in this flavor package are some grassy notes, cocoa and an ambiguous fruit that borders on banana with the alcohol making a strong statement, especially in the back end, with just a touch of caramel sliding around.

Light, smooth and easy to drink.

Malt and alcohol with a touch of oak and earth. It has a very short finish which I don’t really mind in this case.

SCORE: 81/100

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18 Responses to Jameson Irish Whiskey Review

  1. I have an almost weird attraction to Jameson. Twas my first step outside of the Ancient Age/Jack Daniels, smack you upside the head, bourbon whiskies, and I was stunned! Smooth as silk, subtle yet complex. There is nothing there that specifically reaches out and grabs you, but overall it is very pleasing and easy to drink. In the years since, I’ve evolved into a relatively sophisticated whiskey drinker with a full stock of magnificent specimens, Laphroaig, Elijah Craig, Highland Park, Macallan, Pendleton, Glenfiddich, High West, on and on and on… Still, I find myself surprised, again and again by Jameson. For the price, I don’t think you can come close to Jameson’s all around appeal.

    • Can’t argue with you on the price. It’s a damn good dram for the dollar. I like Jameson alright, but to tell the truth I’m more of a Bushmills man myself. Cheers!

  2. Bushmills is NOT Irish Whiskey!

    Bushmills is distilled in Northern Ireland which is not Ireland, it is a province of Great Britain.

    • I’m sure the nationals who’ve endured endless years of Imperial rule and oppression feel just as Irish as those in the free state. Wanky elitism like that is just offensive.

    • Ignorance. Ireland is one island, Great Britain is another. Bushmills is Ireland’s oldest distillery and is very much Irish whiskey

  3. Agreed and Agreed. The mix is light and the grain comes through. The nose and flavor both tend a bit towards vodka. All in all it’s the Bud Light of distillates but at least it’s better than Johnny Red. I know any piece of that may start a fight but hey my Scotch Irish roots say c’mon. Gimme a malt any time and I’ll even quaff corn likker if it’s tasty.

  4. I know that a lot of people have both good and bad opinions about all whisk(e)ys, everybody has their druthers. Personally I like Jameson for what it is, it tastes good and it doesnt go down hard. Drinking whiskey is all about what you like to taste and smell, not what anybody else thinks you should.

  5. I’ve been trying a few whiskeys for about 18 months now so, I’m a newbie.
    I’ve mainly drunk scotch but as it was on a special price, I tried a small bottle of Jamisons.
    I’m really impressed with Jamisons, finding it so easy to drink and pleasent on the pallett.
    I tend to have a drop every evening and this impressive Irish whiskey could well become my regular favourite.
    So much smoother than any scotch I’ve drunk thus far.

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