English Whisky Company’s Peated Single Malt Review

English Whisky Co Peated Single Malt Review

The English Whisky Company’s Peated Single Malt is is another whisky I got to try at the Purple Valley tasting and it also happens to be my favorite from that evening. The English Whisky Company is creating some pretty amazing things, which is no surprise considering the top notch talent their working with.

When The English Whisky Company was getting themselves setup and established they enlisted the help of semi-retired Laphroaig distiller Iain Henderson which is probably why their peated single malt turned out so damn good. There is an art to smoking the malt and blending the barrels to get the right mix of flavors while keeping a smoky backbone which is something Iain surely knows a thing or two about.

If you’re not a fan of big peaty monsters like Laphroaig, Lagavulin, Ardbeg and their kin then you’re in luck. This is a much more restrained and lighter peat that balances well with the light fruit and honey characteristics of the whisky that a heavier peating would completely obliterate. Like the Classic Single Malt it’s unchillfiltered so it retains that smooth oily texture and overall I love this whisky.

If you’ve tried the English Whisky Company Peated Single Malt feel free to add your thoughts or notes in the comments below.

English Whisky Co Peated Single Malt Review

ABV: 46%
Price: $70
Distiller: The English Whisky Co. / St. George Distillery

Light yellow gold

The smokey peat comes up first, but much lighter than most Islay whiskies. Underneath the smoke are some very wonderful notes of strawberry, burned corn, iodine and anise, but strangely enough I didn’t really pick up much malt.

There’s that delightful smokey peat up first, but like the nose it’s a rather light peat. Next to the smoke are some notes of vanilla, honey, brine, light fruit and of course malt.

Not quite as round and oily as the Classic Single Malt, but still smooth and well balanced.

The long finish has a nutty characteristic that is filled with peat and malt.

SCORE: NA/100 – Tried it at a tasting & I wasn’t able to spend enough time with this one to give it a solid rating. Would estimate it in the high 80’s maybe even low 90’s

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