English Whisky Co Classic Single Malt Review

English Whisky Co Classic Single Malt Review

The English Whisky Co. is the first English whisky manufacturer to legally sell it’s products to the public in over 100 years. It’s classic Single Malt is a very basic single malt that is light and tasty but a little boring. Though that’s not always a bad thing.

Sometimes you want boring and I honestly wouldn’t mind having a bottle of this on hand for those nights where I want something that is light, tastes good and I don’t have to think about while enjoying. Something that I can easily sit back and relax with while watching the latest episode of Bob’s Burgers on Hulu.

Overall it’s a very light and slightly fruity whisky that’s easy to enjoy. Being unchillfiltered it retains that wonderful oily character that all single malts should have and I’m really glad I got to try it at the tasting Purple Valley hosted for all of the whiskeys in the image.

If you’ve tried the English Whisky Co. Classic Single Malt add your own thoughts and notes in the comments below.

English Whisky Co Classic Single Malt Review

ABV: 46%
Price: $70
Distiller: The English Whisky Co. / St. George Distillery

Light yellow

Starts out with a very light fruit, honey and baklava that rolls into almonds, malt, citrus and toasted grains.

The malt is very apparent with that same light fruit character from the nose moving alongside it. There is a touch of oak, some graham cracker and citrus hanging out in the background

Oily and lazy like all good unchillfiltered whisky should be. A little dry, but balanced and very drinkable.

A touch of oak and light orchard fruit with barley staying strong through a short finish.

SCORE: NA/100 – I wasn’t able to spend enough time with this one to give it a solid rating. Would estimate it in the mid 80’s

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