Scotch Cocktail: Scotch Royale

scotch cocktail Scotch Royale

The first time I made this prohibition-era Scotch cocktail it was… interesting. Awful one might say if they were to be speaking bluntly. Though, to be honest, I’m not much of a Champagne guy so that definitely played into it because when I made it the first time the Champagne to Scotch ratio was about 2:1. A damn bad idea for someone who doesn’t care much for the bubbly. However, when they were mixed 1:1 it actually became quite lovely and it allowed the Scotch (I used Dewar’s White Label) to shine a bit more and balanced out the flavor.

Once it was properly mixed the Scotch was almost completely hidden from the nose and was replaced by a very lovely crisp green apple smell accompanied by the Champagne. The flavor was sweet and refreshing and while the Champagne did take the forefront of this concoction the Scotch did a great job of bringing up the rear delivering a sweet and smokey aftertaste that was enjoyable. The bitters were there playing a nearly invisible balancing game, but definitely have a role to play.

It is a smooth  and refreshing cocktail that could be served at any cocktail party or celebration. It’s a bit too sweet to be served with a meal in my opinion, but could do well as either an aperitif (before dinner) or digestif (after dinner) cocktail. Overall it’s not one of my favorite cocktails, but I could definitely see me putting it on the menu of a whiskey themed dinner party.

If you give it a try let me know what you thought of it and what ratio of Scotch to Champagne you went with in the comments below.

Scotch Royale Cocktail Recipe
1.5 oz Scotch
1 tsp sugar
1 dash Angostra Bitters
Chilled Champagne

Mix sugar, bitters and scotch in a glass, stirring till the sugar dissolves
Top with champagne to taste

14 second walkthrough

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