Prohibition Era Scotch Cocktail: Highland Fling

Highland Fling Scotch Cocktail Recipe

The blend of the sweet vermouth, orange bitters, and blended scotch give this cocktail a wonderful old fashioned feeling. It feels like something my grandpa would have drank if he wasn’t Mormon. There is a real classic feeling to this drink and the hint of salt from the olive(s) pulls the whole cocktail together and brings down the sweetness a notch or two so it start bordering more on savory than sweet. In experimenting with this cocktail I discovered that more olives tend to make it more delicious with the sweet spot being about 3.

Being a close relative to the Rob Roy, and being so ridiculously easy to make, the Highland Fling should definitely enter your cocktail repertoire. To class it up a bit more use a Highland single malt like Macallan or Glenmorangie.

If you try it let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Highland Fling Recpie
1.5 oz scotch
3/4 oz sweet vermouth
2 dashes orange bitters
stir with ice & strain into a cocktail glass
serve with olive(s)


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