Pre-prohibition Scotch Cocktail: Remsen Cooler

Pre-prohibition Scotch Cocktail Remsen Cooler Recipe

A very refreshing, and simple, cocktail that is a fantastic substitute for soda with your meal. Yes I did just say that and yes I do mean it. The effervescence from the club soda, the citrus from the lemon, and the smoke from the Scotch are a great combination. While the level of smoke you want is always going to be up to the individual drinker the one thing I found over and over while experimenting with this one is that a good solid single malt always tasted better in this cocktail than any of the blends I tried.

If you give this one a go let us know what you thought of it in the comments below.

Remsen Cooler Recipe
Peel a whole lemon and put in a fizz glass
2-3 lumps ice
2 oz Scotch (single malt)
Fill with club soda
Stir slowly with a spoon

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