Moonshine Cocktail: Kentucky Nightcap

Kentucky Nightcap

I’ve never understood why someone would want coffee for a nightcap. Whiskey on the other hand, I’ve always felt anyways, is a perfectly acceptable nightcap. It’s soothing, delicious , and a nice way to bring an evening to an end. When considering the kind of cocktail to create using the Jim Beam Ghost (yes I know it doesn’t fit the classic definition of Moonshine) I kept coming back to it’s inherent sweetness and it just felt right to make a coffee based cocktail out of it to play the bitter off of the sweetness.

Originally this was called the “Nightcap at Tiffany’s” as a play on the movie title, but after carefully considering it’s other connotations I decided to switch it to the Kentucky Nightcap. I’ve never been to Kentucky so there might be an official nightcap there, however searching the internet it seems like a lot of people call different things a Kentucky Nightcap. Since I can’t seem to find a consensus on the matter I’m putting a steak in the ground that this should be the Kentucky Nightcap. An appropriate blend of alcohol and coffee.

Easy to make with just a few common liqueurs, some cream or milk to taste, a healthy dose of Ghost and you have yourself something that is mighty tasty. If you give it a shake let me know what you think in the comments and my 20 second walkthrough is embedded below.


p.s. I did make a second coffee based drink from the Ghost I call a White Gold simply mixing Ghost (white whiskey) and Medaglia de Oro (gold medal). A single is a shot, a double is a drink and I’ll be posting it tomorrow.

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  1. […] I can already hear you now. “Hey this is a shot not a cocktail” and by following the recipe above or the video below you would be correct. It is a shot. However, to turn it into a cocktail just double the recipe, shake with ice and pour into a cocktail glass. Super simple. If you’re look for a slightly more sophisticated version of this that truly is a cocktail from the get go check out the Kentucky Nightcap. […]

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