Irish Whiskey Cocktail: Everybody’s Irish Cocktail

Everybodys Irish Cocktail


A wonderful prohibition era cocktail that works fantastic as an after dinner cocktail or something to relax with on your porch or balcony on a warm afternoon.

The Creme de Menthe pretty much takes over the smell with the herbs from the chartreuse playing backup vocals. The Irish Whiskey is almost completely hidden when taking a whiff off the top of this drink. However, the taste is another story.

While the Chartreuse and the Creme de Menthe definitely come right up front the Irish Whiskey is still present and accounted for. The herbs and mint play off of the earthy flavors found in Irish Whiskey and it makes for a surprisingly great cocktail.

Overall this cocktail is very smooth with the mint creating a very pleasant tingling across the entirety of the mouth. Definitely an after dinner drink or something you’d drink at the end of your evening instead of the beginning. The strong herb and mint flavors would be too strong to start a meal with, but the refreshing mint is a great way to finish one.

1 tsp green Creme de Menthe
1 tsp green Chartreuse
2 oz Irish Whiskey

Stir with ice
Strain into cocktail glass
Garnish with an olive (I didn’t, but the recipe calls for it)

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