American Whiskey Cocktail: Cablegram

American Whiskey Cocktail Cablegram

Is there any flavor pairing more classic than ginger ale and whiskey? Whiskey and lemonade maybe, but this combination, and this cocktail in particular, harkens back to the prohibition era and is as refreshing and flexible as they come.

This is a cocktail that can be served at just about any cocktail party, dinner party, or get-together. Adjust the whiskey levels a bit for your guests based on how much they like whiskey or ginger ale and you have a drink that is easy to customize for anyone. The taste of this cocktail also changes rather dramatically based on the quality of the ginger ale and type of whiskey you use, so choose your ingredients wisely.

All of the cocktails of this era ask for “American” whiskey which is typically refers to that American Blended stuff, that only barely qualifies as whiskey, but I like to think our forefathers had better taste than that. However, to keep with the traditional recipe I made it with some Kessler and I can tell you it was much better with the Jailer’s.

One tip I do have is that while the original recipe doesn’t specifically call out mixing the “warm” ingredients first (whiskey, sugar, and lemon juice) it does help dissolve the sugar better if you mix them before adding the ice & ginger ale. Another option you have is putting the whiskey, lemon juice, and sugar in a small cocktail shaker and giving it few hearty shakes before pouring the mixture over the ice.

Cablegram Cocktail Recipe
2 oz American whiskey (I used Jailers)
Juice of 1/2 a lemon
1 tsp powdered sugar
Ginger ale

Stir with ice in a highball glass
Top with Ginger Ale

If you try this one let us know your thoughts in the comments below and also be sure to tell us what whiskey you used.

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6 Responses to American Whiskey Cocktail: Cablegram

  1. I tried it but I cheated. I don’t care for “American” or Tennessee whiskey so I used Fighting Cock and Fever Tree ginger beer. It was excellent!

      • Finally, someone that appreciates ginger ale and whiskey! My personal favorite cocktail. Btw, what kind of ginger ale do you use? I always use Canada Dry because I’m not really aware of other brands.

        • Yea I hear ya on the HFCS for sure, it really disrupts the whiskey because of all that sweetness. You got me excited to get back to that kind of cocktail. I always used to drink Jack & Ginger, but I got bored of Jack. Now I realize it doesn’t matter what kind of whiskey it is, whiskey and ginger ale is insanely good.

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