Stalk and Barrel Single Malt Review

Stalk and Barrel Single Malt Review

Stalk and Barrel Single Malt is another from the Purple Valley tasting and it was the most unique of everything we tried that night. Though with that said it’s not entirely unique and it reminded me a whole lot of the Roughstock that I reviewed earlier this year.

The Stalk and Barrel is a single malt whisky from Canada and part of the new breed of ever increasing quality whisky coming from Canada. Most of the Canadian whisky we get down here in the USA are blends a lot like that abysmal crap we call American Blended Whiskey where they take pure GNS (Grain Neutral Spirit… think Everclear) and mix it with straight whiskey and then add other flavors and colors. This blending leads to be a very light whiskey that I can’t really say is my favorite, but with Stalk and Barrel that is not the case.

Stalk and Barrel is a Single Malt which means it’s not mixed with any GNS, is made from 100% malted barley and is why it’s so tasty. It’s a moderately well balanced whisky that has a lot of complex nuanced flavors hiding under the malt and definitely worth trying if you’re looking for something new. I really liked this whisky and am looking forward to getting a bottle in the near future and updating this review with a score.

If you’ve tried the Stalk and Barrel Single Malt Whisky leave your own thoughts or notes in the comments below.

Stalk and Barrel Single Malt Whisky Review

ABV: 62.3%
Price: $70
Distiller: Still Waters Distillery

Yellowish caramel

Malted barley, vanilla, banana, some wood and a bit astringent.

The malt packs a wallop here and it’s accompanied by some delicate notes of citrus, vanilla, mild caramel, toffee and some woody hints.

Very hot with a good amount of burn and a moderately smooth texture. Burn is not enough to put one off of drinking it neat, but a splash of water calms it down quickly.

Mostly malt with a bit of caramel that stays consistent through the long finish.

SCORE: NA/100 – Wasn’t able to spend enough time to feel confident in a score, but would estimate it in the high 80’s

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  1. FYI, it’s against Canadian law for their whisky (blended or otherwise) to contain any GNS. I’m not entirely sure if that’s what you meant to imply in this review, but the way it’s worded makes it a bit unclear.

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