Seagram’s VO Gold Review

Seagram's VO Gold Review

Seagram’s VO Gold was initially put out by the former drinks giant Seagram’s, a lot of whose products are now owned by Diageo. Seagram’s is the the company that damn near killed Four Roses, did kill distilling in New Zealand and towards the end of their existence everything they touched seemed to be mismanage, corrupted and ultimately destroyed. Which is why they no longer exist and their corpse got carved up among Diageo, Pernod-Ricard and Coca-Cola.

The regular Seagram’s V.O. is a 6 year whisky that, as legend would have it, was created over 100 years ago by Joseph E Seagram for his son’s wedding. He crafted it to be a blend of his finest whiskies. Currently made in the Diageo’s Valleyfield distillery in Quebec the VO Gold is an 8 year version of the regular VO and if you’re wondering what the VO stands for nobody knows. There’s a lot of speculation, but no one knows for sure.

Seagram’s VO Gold Info

Region: Quebec, Canada

Distiller: Diageo (Valleyfield)
Age: 8 years
ABV: 40%

Price: $26

Seagram’s VO Gold Review

Golden yellow

Raw grains, cinnamon, watery caramel, and ethanol are the first aromas to meet the nostrils and they come with a compliment of whisky spice and taffy. There are some biscuity undertones and a citrus that reminds me more of lemon pledge than it does an actual piece of fruit.

The caramel richness is bumped up a touch on the palate and gets helped along with some notes of nougut, sweet grains and a mild citrus that is less pledge like and more fruit like here. There are some undertones of Twizzlers, cardboard and yeast that ride along with some hints of raw sugar and dust.

Watery caramel syrup, raw grains, cheap vodka and an acrid sweetness ride out at a medium length.

All of the odd notes and flavors work together in a strange way that ends up making it feel not-horribly-unbalanced. A medium body and a watery texture with zero bite does however make this an uneventful sip.

Seagram’s VO Gold is a strange whisky to be sure and not really one I want to drink too much more of neat ever again. It’s far removed from daily drinker status, but oddly enough, all of the strange flavors found wading around inside this glass make it work really well in cocktails. The strange funky cardboard and acrid sweetness get mellowed out in sweeter cocktails and it ends up lending a nice earthy quality to them. Though truthfully, if I’m keeping a cheap Canadian whisky around just for mixing’s sake it’s going to be the Canadian Club Reserve 10.

SCORE: 78/100

Seagram's VO Gold Review - Score Breakdown
  • Nose -
  • Palate -
  • Finish -
  • Balance, Body & Feel -


$26 is too much to pay for the Seagram's VO Gold in my opinion. If it were about $15-$20 it would be a decent value for mixing’s sake.

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6 Responses to Seagram’s VO Gold Review

  1. Have not been able to buy for over 5 weeks , the distr. keeps showing Out of Stock . I live in the NW Quarter of Wisconsin , my son tells me the same in SE Quarter of Wisconsin . I’m guessing Seagram’s has Discontinued VO-Gold ???

  2. Have you changed the recipe? I’m a long time Gold drinker and it tastes a little different lately. Especially in the half gallon.

  3. I bought a bottle last month [ 12/2016 ] here in Georgia , USA . It’s 20 bucks here and it’s decent but 40 creek barrel select , which is the same price , is a much better product

    • I like the Copper Pot Reserve the most out of the 40 Creek stuff and it’s not much more than $20 if I remember right. If you get the chance try that one out. You might enjoy it. Cheers!

  4. I love this stuff but can only seem to find it in Oregon, Maryland, or Georgia. Never in California where I live. VO stands for “very own” FYI

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