Canadian Mist Review

Canadian Mist Review

I’m struggling to find any redeeming qualities in Canadian Mist. I’m also struggling to figure out why, besides being dirt cheap, this is America’s best selling Canadian Whisky and how in the hell it’s won so many gold medals. I’m flabbergasted at the stark difference between what I’m experiencing and the general consensus of America on this one. Maybe I really am a whisky snob…

Made from a blend of grain whisky (corn, rye and malted barley), rye whiskey, a “touch” of sherry that doesn’t seem to do anything at all for this whisky and “matured to taste” in ex-bourbon barrels this whisky is a slow-motion train wreck of cloying notes. The site, and related marketing, leans heavily on lightness in flavor and the whisky’s complete lack of bite as selling points and maybe that’s where the general American public and I diverge. I want bold flavors and aromas with depth, richness and complexity that’s bolstered by complimentary subtle notes that is a pleasure to drink neat despite any bite it might have. I don’t want to lay down hard earned dollars for spineless whisky.

Canadian Mist Info

Region: Ontario, Canada

Distiller: Canadian Mist
Age: NAS
ABV: 40%

Price: $9 (got mine on close-out for $4)

Canadian Mist Review

Yellow caramel

Sickly medicinal and caramel heavy followed by watery butterscotch, waxy candy corn and artificial sweetener run rampant. An astringent, cleaner like, overripe citrus mixes with root beer taffy in the background and a turpentine underpinning holds everything up.

Same medicinal caramel and overripe, cleaner like, citrus blend with some burnt toffee and raw grain. A thick note of raw alcohol and butterscotch limp their way over the palate dragging something oily, dirty and mechanical behind them.

The sickly medicinal quality knocks this one on it’s side and the sticky syrupy feel and light body make it boring and uneventful, but at least their marketing is 100% accurate. There is absolutely no bite in this dram, it’s like drinking water.

Again that medicinal caramel rears is cloying head and is accompanied by artificial sweetener and a watery maple syrup that lasts for far too long.

Canadian Mist is among the worst whiskies I have ever tasted. It’s like a borderline rancid bourbon was mixed with a bunch of artificial flavors, put in BPA riddled plastic jugs and left out in the Nevada desert to be eroded by the sun for a year before bottling. Everything smells and tastes young, raw, bleached out and artificial. It’s just not very good. Hell, even the MIST enthusiasts seem to prefer it mixed with something, anything, else and that friends, isn’t exactly what I’d call a good sign.

SCORE: 65/100

Canadian Mist Review - Score Breakdown
  • Nose - 65
  • Palate - 65
  • Finish - 65
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 65


Let's put to this way… I wouldn’t even pay $1 for another bottle of Canadian Mist.

Josh Peters

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26 Responses to Canadian Mist Review

  1. “… put in BPA riddled plastic jugs and left out in the Nevada desert to be eroded by the sun for a year before bottling.”

    That is classic, right there! Thanks for the warning, Josh. 🙂

    • Hey Mike,

      I haven’t yet. I want to, but haven’t had the opportunity to yet and hasn’t been on my list of bottles to hunt down. Though I’ve heard a lot about it recently so I might have to watch for it at the bar and give it a taste.

  2. 1. Why would you buy this in the first place.
    2. I would have rated it in the 10 – 20 range.
    Do you ever buy/try the flavored bourbon or whiskey like the honey or cinnamon etc. I don’t care for them for the most part but just curious on your opinion.

    Love your reviews and please keep them coming.

    • Tried it because I’d never had it and I could pick it up for $4, so a cheap thing to write about 🙂

      I have tried a lot of them, but haven’t reviewed them because I’ve decided to just keep the blog as unflavored whiskey. I know lots of folks who love them, but I’m not one of those folks.

  3. This is one of my favorite pieces of whiskey-related writing I’ve ever read- I would love to see you do some more reviews of terrible whiskey (maybe even an awful whiskey of the week?). The previously mentioned BPA line is classic. I also love “I don’t want to lay down hard earned dollars for spineless whiskey”; you should sell shirts with that line on it. It might even become the credo of the whiskey geek revolution! I know it sums up my own personal tastes better than I could have myself.

    • Haha thank you Joe and that’s a great idea on the shirt. I’ve been pondering some shirt ideas recently and I was playing around with the whiskey o’ clock image I made a while back, but you’re right… that is a great line 🙂


  4. I bought a bottle of this swill years ago when I travelled from Canada to visit a friend in San Diego. I had seen ads saying it had won awards so I was looking forward to trying it. Let’s just say I was embarrassed that it had anything to do with Canada. I don’t think the bottle was ever finished. ugh

  5. I’m kind of a ‘noob’ when it comes to bourbon, but I’m exploring. I’m cheap by nature, so most of what I’ve tried has been less than $40. I have to agree with your post, though, maybe not as passionately. Probably because I don’t know any better? I was also very disappointed with Maker’s Mark. I thought that was supposed to be fairly good, but…you can keep it. I’m currently drinking ONLY this pesky bottle of Canadian Mist in order to get rid of it without throwing it in the trash. Eagerly looking forward to cracking a bottle of Top of the Hill 8 Oak that I picked up on a distillery tour a few weeks ago. Keep up the blog. We love it!

  6. Oh look at all the self proclaimed whiskey connoisseurs. I bet if it came out of a bottle that cost 30 bucks, they would be geeking out on it.

  7. Oh , heck … maybe it’s me but I kinda like this stuff [ Running for cover .. ha !! ] . There were certain brands around my neck of the woods back in the day .. Jim Beam was the Bourbon , Genesee was the brew [ their 12 horse ale was something ] and for Canadian whiskey … Mist was the one . I’m talking N.W. Jersey mountains around the Delaware Water Gap and this stuff was quite popular at the time back then . The quality I like about it is the mouthfeel , which inst thin .. kinda has a creaminess to it . What I think helps , is that I pour it into a decanter that it will fill up about half way , thus getting plenty of air . This is the one I catch flack over from my bourbon pals . Whats funny is that I didnt enjoy it back in the day so much , it was ok , but these days I enjoy it more . We also enjoyed Apple Jack back then and thats something I always have on hand . Gotta have a Jack Rose Cocktail , especially during Autumn

    • Cheers John and no need to run for cover around here if you like something I don’t, it’s all fair game 🙂 The important thing is you like it. It’s obviously not my speed, but if you like it, then good on ya!

  8. Ya,nothing else to be said. Josh went through the pain of drinking it, and the worse pain of articulating his wretched experience. After a spat with the wife, and staying out of the house for a few day (short on coin) I daringly gave this swill a try. GAWD-AWEFULL is an understatement!

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