Wyoming Whiskey Batch 36 Review

Wyoming Whiskey Batch 36 Review

Over the years the good folks at Wyoming Whiskey have sent me different batches of their bourbon to try. It started with their Batch 18 (which I didn’t care for), then came their Batch 25 (which I didn’t mind) and now before us we have the Wyoming Whiskey Batch 36. I had heard rumors that things have changed quite a bit since batch 18 and 25 so I got on the phone with the owner of the company to see what’s happened.

Talking to David I discovered that between the time I tried batch 18 and Wyoming Whiskey Batch 36 a lot has chanced at the distillery. Steve Nally is no longer there, the whiskey in the batches is much older (about 5 years now) and they have a new blender who has helped them balance out their batches.

Nancy Fraley, who is well known in the wine world, is the blender in charge of helping them balance out their 40 barrel batches. Her talents, combined with the more efficient fermentation methods they’ve developed and stocks of older whiskey, shows promise that future releases are going to keep getting better.

Wyoming Whiskey Batch 36 Info

Region: Wyoming, USA

Distiller: Wyoming Whiskey
Mashbill: Corn, Wheat and Malted Barley
Cask: New Charred Oak
Age: NAS (~5 years)
ABV: 44%

Non-Chill Filtered | Natural Color

Batch: 36

Price: $45

Wyoming Whiskey Batch 36 Review


Caramel corn, cinnamon heavy spice, soft minerality, vanilla, wood and light notes of lemon zest, anise, menthol and fruitiness that reminds of melon rinds – honeydew in particular. It’s an interesting aroma and it’s a far cry better than what it was 18 batches ago.

Caramel corn, spice, vanilla, oak, dark fruit and leather is accompanied by lighter notes of menthol, minerality, cocoa, graham crackers, toffee and citrus peels. Yeah… the palate is MUCH better than it was 18 batches ago. Given more time to age and continue the process of dialing in the blending, the Wyoming Whiskey could achieve “Daily Drinker” status for me.

Medium fade of caramel, toasted grain, vanilla, spice and mint. Pretty nice ending.

Good balance, medium body and a slick, almost oily, feel.

Wyoming Whiskey Batch 36 is a decent whiskey. To be honest, after batch 18 I thought this distillery was doomed. I would have never guessed that I’d be sitting here holding a glass of Wyoming Whiskey that I actually enjoy. But here I am. Sitting, writing and enjoying. I’m not saying I want it everyday, but on the whole I’m rather pleased with what’s happening in my glass right now.

The nose had picked up richer, more complex notes and the palate has done the same but to a greater degree. There’s balance and a nice feel to the whiskey and the finish is soft and pleasant. Being a wheated whiskey I think it needs a few more years to “toughen up” a bit. It’s still too soft for my tastes compared to the likes of Weller or Maker’s Mark, but it’s definitely on its way there. With all the changes they’ve made in the distillery Wyoming Whiskey is definitely one of the craft guys to watch.

SCORE: 85/100 (B)

*Disclosure: This sample of Wyoming Whiskey Batch 36 was graciously sent to me by the company for the purposes of this review. The views, opinions, and tasting notes are 100% my own.
Wyoming Whiskey Batch 36 Review - Score Breakdown
  • Nose - 85
  • Palate - 85
  • Finish - 85
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 85


Wyoming Whiskey Batch 36

Wyoming Whiskey Batch 36 Label

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9 Responses to Wyoming Whiskey Batch 36 Review

  1. Thanks for that review, Josh. Definitely something I will look for in my travels. Appreciate people who stick to something, learn and improve in the process.

    • Me too, Curt. It’s incredibly refreshing to see this mentality and approach compared to the “My stuff is perfect and screw anyone who doesn’t think so” mentality a lot of craft people take. Excited to see how it continues to evolve. Cheers!

  2. In the comments of a review on Bourbonr Blog (http://bourbonr.com/blog/bourbon-review-wyoming-whiskey/), the CFO of the company posted that the batches got substantially better after batch 28, which is consistent with your reviews. He also said that once they had fully matured bourbon & realized how much better it was, they sent a team around the state replacing bottles at retailers. If this is true, I really have to respect them for that- with how hot the bourbon market is there’s not a huge incentive to fix mistakes like they did.

    • I read that same thing on Blake’s blog. It is indeed remarkable if it’s real. These guys have turned things around in a big way and I’m admiring what they’re doing. I hope they continue to get better and within a couple more years are putting out whiskey that’s on par with the big guys.

  3. Hi Josh. I just picked up a bottle of Batch 36 a couple of weeks ago and it’s been a different experience. It’s interesting that their blender comes from the wine world. I say this because I likened this whiskey to an older bordeaux blend that needs time to settle down after opening and decanting. This whiskey needed about 30 minutes in the glass to get it’s collective sh*t together. When I first poured it the nose reminded me of acetone based nail polish remover. The first taste was very spirit-y up front followed by what I can only describe as a “dusty bookshelf” character and a finish I couldn’t quite identify with. After a half hour or so it became a little more harmonious but seemed a little flat and one dimensional. I like it but its not great and I’ll use it as a little change of pace drink every now and then. I agree with you that its not really a daily drinker.


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