Wild Turkey 101 Review


Wild Turkey 101 Review

Bottom line, Wild Turkey 101 is great. I don’t know when this pervasive pop-culture idea came about that Wild Turkey is shitty rot-gut-not-fit-for-human-consumption came about, but to be honest I’m a little tired of hearing it. Maybe this idea came from the Wild Turkey 80 which, admittedly, was a lackluster bourbon. Either way one taste of the 101 should quickly eviscerate those thoughts from anyone’s mind.

In case you didn’t know 101 means its 101 proof so 50.5% of what’s in the bottle is alcohol and at first glance it seems a bit strange that they would go through the trouble of ensuring that extra 0.5% was in the bottle. The story is that back in “the day”, after Wild Turkey got it’s name (1941), it was competing with a lot of other bourbons that were bottled in bond which means that they had to be bottled at 100 proof. Not willing to be outdone, the folks at Wild Turkey wanted to stand out and make their whiskey 1 better. 101.

Overall Wild Turkey 101 is a balanced and robust whiskey that never disappoints. It’s packed to the brim with flavor and is as versatile as a bourbon can get. It’s delicious neat, holds up on the rocks and is abso-freaking-loutly amazing in cocktails. I truly do love this whiskey and is one of the best sub-premium bourbons out there that’s commercially available today. It was also a favorite of Hunter S Thompson and if it was good enough for the father of Gonzo Journalism then it’s good enough for me and is something I always have on hand.

If you’ve tried the Wild Turkey 101 I’d love to read your own thoughts or notes in the comments below.

Wild Turkey 101 Review

ABV: 50.5%
Price: $21
Aged: A blend of  6, 7 & 8 year bourbons
Distiller: Austin Nichols / Wild Turkey

Dark copper

Sweet caramel, bourbon spice, nutmeg and cinnamon. The vanilla is pronounced and brings with it some sweet cream. The wood is a bit hidden until you add a splash of water and then it rolls out next to the vanilla.

Caramel like a Werther’s original. Sweet corn followed by vanilla and red licorice. Some citrus, a slight grainy malt and a bit of smoky ash round out the undiluted flavor. Add some water and the oak begins to express itself much more and the corn becomes even more prominent.

Smooth and warm with a slight burn, but overall a great mouth feel.

Long and initially dominated by Caramel but fades to wood, sweet grains and dark fruit.

SCORE: 87/100

Josh Peters

Josh Peters

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  1. This is a fantastic blog. Would love to know if you have a top 5..particularly bottom shelf for us poorer folk. Ha

  2. In my view, if you don’t like Wild Turkey 101, you don’t like bourbon. Like a Fender Telecaster through a tube amp, it’s a classic that should never go out of style.

    • The WT101 is very good. And as a fan and owner of a Telecaster and a Fender tube amp, I can appreciate your comparison! As a matter of fact, my Telecaster is sitting on my right and a WT101 on the rocks is sitting on my left, on my table. What more can a man ask of life?

  3. All I can say is that I’m a new bourbon drinker starting at the age of 60. After trying Buffaloe Trace, Eagle Rare, Knob Creek and Elijah Craig and Bullitt Rye Wild Turkey 101 is the one for me.

  4. Bought a bottle of WT101 tonight and after reading the reviews, I’m really looking forward to opening it this weekend. Can’t wait!

  5. Please don’t let people know about WT 101! Lets keep it to ourselves and just let people pass it by on the shelves. Amazing value….nice sipper at the end of the day and works great in cocktails (101 proof) after work. Please, not another word…lets keep this one in the $20s.

    • Ha, I know how you feel. I don’t think this one will get up and run away soon especially now that folks who “only want to drink the really good stuff” have discovered Russell’s Reserve. They’re focusing on that right now luckily.

  6. WT101 was my fav during the days I lacked the responsibility to enjoy it regularly. Now, staring down 50, I’m back and still love it. Also love Dickle and strangely Bullit Rye. Love the read. Keep the conversation going. Cheers.

  7. Yes, a pleasant surprise. I was skeptical, but a friend insisted I try it. This is a fine moderately priced bourbon, and is no embarrassment whatsoever.

  8. Just went through my first bottle and its my benchmark at sub $25. I am a huge fan of Rare Breed (108 proof) and 101 has plenty of the family traits. Do you know the reasoning why they changed the proof Rare Breed to 112? Does it fluctuate yearly or is this a longterm recipe change? Personally, I think they messed with perfection and i am no longer a buyer. However, I just had the Russel Reserve 10 yr and was really digging it and have my eyes set on buying the Russell Reserve Single Barrel next.

    Informative blog site…kep em coming!

  9. I have tried many expensive and cheap bourbons and the one I keep going back to is Turkey 101. Love it and I will always stick to it for my go to. I am always up for trying a new top shelf or cheap bourbon that I haven’t tried before but I will most likely go back to 101 for the taste and price. Also love rare breed

  10. I have been sipping WT101 for 35 years. I have tried several others. More expensive, more well known, but I keep coming back to WT101. It is my Bourbon and I don’t think I will ever change.

  11. I’ve been a bourbon drinker for about ten years. My go to is WT101. What a great bourbon! I’ve gone through much more expensive bottles, but always go back to the bird. It is what bourbon should be! Great blog and great WT101 review! If you don’t love wild tirkey101 then you don’t understand what bourbon should be. Happy drinking!

  12. Josh…how would you compare WT101 to Old Weller Antique 107 (the bourbon I always keep on hand)?…Thanks for your time.

    • Hey Chris,

      Very different bourbons. Wild Turkey 101 is a high rye bourbon making it spicy where as Weller is a wheated bourbon making it sweeter. For me it’s more of a mood thing when it comes to these two. When I want something spicier I reach for WT 101 or Four Roses Small Batch, when I want something sweeter I reach for Weller and when I want something fruitier I reach for a Heaven Hill bourbon like Fighting Cock.

  13. Your tastes coincide directly with mine. WT101 is the real deal and is frequently on sale in Louisville. What’s not to like here? I don’t disagree with any reviews here. Must try Dickel 12. …..

  14. Just had my first drink of WT101, why do you keep this fantastic caramel and spice trip a secret from us Brits? So glad I found a different bourbon than JB white or whisky JD No7 next up FRSB. Plans in place for a BBQ n Bourbon night for the boys guests of honour WT101, WTRB, FR Sm Batch, FRSB, Knob Creek, Bookers and JD Silver Select as long as the British weather plays ball. Thanks for the great reviews Josh very helpful. Would you have any suggestions to improve the guests? Bear in mind some are hard to get in UK but could swap in any of the Blantons including the SFTB or Gold but they cost around £50 including shipping same price as Bookers.

    • Haha I have no idea why it doesn’t make its way over there. Maybe it’s because we drink so much of it here in the states there’s not much left to spread around 😉

      Glad you got to try it, and like it and you’re enjoying the site. Really appreciate it and as for swaps I’d take the Blantons over the JD Silver. Never had the Gold though, that’s export only.


      • Cheers Josh the Blantons original is a couple of dollars cheaper than the silver but was getting that as most of my friends have only had No7 and wanted to try a better bottle. I had heard you can not get the Gold or SFTB in U.S.A which just seems a joke when you are the guys who make it.

        • Bit the bullet and changed the JD for Blantons as you suggest, hope the wife doesn’t check the credit card as I could not resist and ordered a bottle of Blantons SFTB 130proof as a treat will be saving for a rainy day/Christmas whichever comes first.

          • Bookers broke in transit company is sorting but had to use my Blanton’s SFTB as a replacement. The original is good but the 130 proof takes it to another level small sip at full strength then cut it down a little around 120 proof. It is full of sweet caramel and dark dried fruit with spice if you ever get the chance you need to buy a bottle tastes like rich Xmas cake. The guys decided favourites at end of night and Four roses and Blanton’s came out on top with JD a sorry last with general opinion being Why does everyone drink it? Thanks for the help with choices and keep up the good work with the blog.

  15. 101 is only bourbon I have drank for over 30 yrs. Have received others brands as gifts which were supposed to be “premium” but they always taste like varnish to me. When you pull out a bottle of 101, most people think you are nuts because people do not generally drink bourbon more than 90 proof any more, but once they do, they understand. Only argument I every have with people is when the want to mix it with something else. I always ask them the same question,”Why do you wanna ruin the taste of a great bourbon?”. They never have an answer other than they can’t handle straight whiskey. If you can’t handle it on the alone, you have never actually drank whiskey. Whiskey is made to enjoy, not gulp.

  16. I drink more Wild Turkey 101 than anything else by far. I prefer premium ryes presently but it’s not usually in the budget. I honestly wish I drank this whiskey less because I get my kicks from variety but it’s just so damn good for the price it’s almost always the best option for me. By far my go to value whiskey. And spicy enough for a rye drinker. And proofed higher than most the competition.

    • You just listed all of the reasons I love it too. It’s also a cheap pour at the bar and ends up being my go-to if I’m in a bar with a terrible whiskey selection. Though, come to think of it, sometimes I even order it when I’m at a bar with an ok whiskey selection…

  17. You know what gives WT101 a bad rap trashy kids doing shots of the “Kickin Chicken”
    While not as nuanced in flavor as its more pricey siblings it is a very good introductory bourbon. Let’s face it anything crafted by the “Buddha Of Bourbon” is going to be good.

  18. Hi Josh is there a lot of difference between the WT101 and the 8 year old 101? I understand from the blog the ordinary has 6,7 and 8 year old in it but the 8 year old bottling the youngest would be 8 years.

    • Hey Pete,

      You are correct, and if you can find a bottle of the 8 year 101 grab it. I’ve had some good 8 yr 101, and I’ve also had some mediocre 8 yr 101 (same with this NAS 101), but they don’t make the 8 yr any more so it’s a great find if you come across it.

  19. Years ago in high school it was a running joke about Wild Turkey, and how it was something cheap enough that we could pool our $$$ together to get a bottle, and strong enough to get drunk.

    27 years later I discovered Wild Turkey 101, and even though it’s not for the faint of heart – it’s a great sipping bourbon for those of us who enjoy a ‘spicier’ bourbon (a few notches above both Buffalo Trace, and Elijah Craig 12 yr regarding the bold spice).

    My only knock against this bourbon (keep in mind it’s an ever so slight deduction) would be the astringent effect, or dryness on the finish.

    Overall it’s a must have!

    • Back when I was “21” and started drinking we used to call WT “Grandpa’s Cough Medicine” and all we ever did was shoot it. I’ve since had some great 101 from that late 90s era and wish I could go back and enjoy it and horde some for my future self.


  20. i’ll admit to not trying this due to the stereotypes surrounding some of the more main stream bourbons out there, but after reading so much good stuff about WT101, I had to try some…. And I love it. While the cheaper Wellers fit the bill when I want some wheat in the blend, WT101 is now my everyday bourbon when I want the more traditional rye mashbill.

    Give me WT101, brand Dad 114, Weller Antique, Evan Williams Single Barrel, Ridgemount 1792, Rittenhouse Rye, Four Roses single Barrell, and I’ll be just fine….

  21. I admit that I once believed the prevalent stereotype that Wild Turkey 101 is suitable only for fatalistic drunkards who don’t mind poisoning themselves with rotgut swill. After reading through your positive testimonial of Wild Turkey 101 (not to mention your emphatic retort toward said negative perceptions and the personal depletion of my 1.75L bottle of Buffalo Trace), I finally decided to acquire a handle of Wild Turkey 101, all for the engaging price tag of about $35.

    Needless to say, I’m genuinely impressed. It’s indeed a little rough around the edges, but the burning sensation became inconsequential after two or three glasses served neat. Moreover, I especially appreciate how its flavor potency really shines in vintage cocktails such as the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Mint Julep, and the obscure Lion’s Tail cocktail.

    In spite of the brief moment of contemplation that I was once deceived into thinking that this bourbon was truly an abomination, I now declare myself a loyal convert to the Wild Turkey brand and I shall check out the distillery’s other product offerings in the very near future.

  22. As a late bloomer to drinking bourbon, mid 50’s, I started with WT101 as recommended by a friend. Now, not having tried all bourons, at all $, I have sampled many at home and frequent trips to Las Vegas, and I have to say that WT101 has that “sweet, bourbonie (is that a word) taste, and that long spicy rye (I assume) finish. Neat, with 1 cube or in a Manhattan I just can’t get enough. A our local “Woodmans” the 1.75 is $34.99. At that price point I don’t believe there is a better value in a brown liquor.

  23. Bear camp 2005 in Potter co Pa. I was going through my grandfather’s things that he kept in a ceder chest at the foot of his bunk in our family’s hunting camp. I found a bottle of 101 wrapped in a wool blanket. I have taken a bottle with to Bear camp every year since then and will until the day i die. I’m no expert on whiskys but have tried most out their and 101 is the drink for me. i drink it over 2 ice cubes.

  24. I’m with you, spot on review. I can get it for less than $20 and think it may be if not the best sub $25 bourbon. Also props for being so available.

  25. Wt 101..great buy! Not a super sophisticated bourbon, but in the $25 and under (bottom shelf) you’ll be hard pressed to find one with so many great flavors. I bounce between 101 and regular Jim Beam as a regular pour. Love the spice and flavor of 101…you definitely owe it to yourself to try rare breed and kentucky spirit..more money but has that extra flavor you hint on with 101!

  26. Can anyone tell me about these bottles of WT 101 that I’m seeing in the store? They have a white label and it says that it’s aged longer and has a higher percentage of rye in the mashbill. Can’t find any info on the anywhere. It’s still labeled as WT 101. It is NOT the rye.

  27. You are correct about people’s perception of WT 101. Someone I work with told me that they were not too fond of WT because they had a bad experience with it back in high school years ago! I told them to give it aniother try. It s fantastic on ice as a sipper and has such a great flavor. Then give Russel’s Reserve a try – it’s like super premium WT.

    • Bad experience at a young age or “it’s what grandpa drank” plague this brand which is a double edge sword. On one hand it’s kept it from having any kind of “allotment issues” like Buffalo Trace, but on the other hand it’s seriously one of my favorite whiskeys / brands so I want to tell everyone about how good it really is all the time… but I don’t want the price to go up on it because people start loving it again… argh 🙂

  28. When I began my “Bourbon Journey” this was one of the first ones I tried. I was not a fan (and it wasn’t the proof, I’ve always preferred 90 plus proof bourbons). At the encouragement of a reviewer on another site, I poured a dram and added 2 tsps of spring water (he insisted that it had to be spring) and let it sit for 5 minutes. Heaven in a glass. It opened it up so much more and eased the rough edges that were my initial complaint on this one. Now, I’m just as likely to take it neat or with a single ice cube and my palate is able to pull out the notes that I really like. It’s still not my favorite, but it’s a great value and always in my cabinet.

    • I wasn’t always the biggest Turkey fan, for me it kicked in about 7 years ago and since then it’s been one of my favorites and with an icecube… can’t complain about that on a summer day. That’s for sure!

  29. Decided to give Wild Turkey a shot after reading this review, comments, and a few other reviews. I’m a lover of many of the Beam products (Knob Creek, Baker’s, etc) and a fan of Russell’s Reserve (especially the SB). Lately I’ve been looking for something a little cheaper as a daily drinker. While I agree with most of the review about this whiskey, I like the proof, the bold flavors, the balance, and the age is decent, there is a certain astringent quality that I find especially following the initial taste that I dislike. It along with what I experience as a somewhat ‘drier’ finish keeps me from being as excited to have another sip (I usually drink my whiskey neat). Is this astringent element something other people enjoy or don’t mind? I’m still learning about whiskey.

  30. Hi Josh,

    Just a couple of days ago I tasted some WT 101 at a friends house. I was amazed this is an outstanding Bourbon! I would also like to say that I enjoy your blog very much as your tasting notes closely match mine (this is helpful some writers make me wonder if they were actually tasting whisk(e)y or some other substance). Initially I was a little reluctant to taste a high proof whisk(e)y because I thought they might be “rough” or have a lot of burn but at least with WT 101 this wasn’t the case.


    • Hey Joe,

      Thanks man, I appreciate it and I know exactly what you’re talking about. When I read a review and I don’t know what they’re talking about I just stop reading. Glad you’re enjoying the site and the Wild Turkey, it’s one of my absolute favorites.


  31. I’m blown away by this whisky. I wasn’t sure at first sip…but now that I’m through a 750ml in a week….I’m hooked. Neat, on the rocks….it’s awesome. Sweet, butterscotch spice…alll perfectly balanced. I’m making this a standard. I like it a LOT better than Russel’s reserve single barrel at 35$ less per bottle. I’m in. I might even visit the distillery. Cheers.

  32. Way way back in the 70’s when I was in school we drank Jim Beam 86 because it was OK and cheap. WT 101 was our aspirational drink. For some reason I kind of forgot about it for a couple of decades until I tried some after your review jogged my memory. It really is a fine drink, with lots of character and balance. I like a cube or two in my drink, and the 101 holds up just fine. This is some good whiskey, and one which I had forgotten about for some reason. I will certainly be having this again.

    The moral of this is that some stuff that you remember from the 60’s and 70’s really WAS great. Wild Turkey 101 is perfect for listening to Johnny Winter.

  33. I remember the Wild Turkey ads during the Holidays when I was a kid. Thought it was some kind of really special whiskey. Now, 60 years later I can confirm my early impression was spot on. I’ll always have a bottle on hand, especially when the Holidays roll around.

  34. This bourbon makes amazing Old Fashioned’s! Every time I make one with the 101, I get the taste of brown sugar, caramel and cinnamon! I love it!! Great review Josh!

  35. I have been really drinking bourbon for a few years and here in Pa. we don’t often get the best stuff. I have tried any and have come to really enjoy Wild turkey 101 a nice whiskey to drink every night for a nice evening and like my dad from years ago I fall asleep at the T.V. deaming of Wild Turkey or Bookers one or the other

  36. I have been really drinking bourbon for a few years and here in Pa. we don’t often get the best stuff. I have tried any and have come to really enjoy Wild turkey 101 a nice whiskey to drink every night for a nice evening and like my dad from years ago I fall asleep at the T.V. dreaming of Wild Turkey or Bookers one or the other

  37. WT101 is my everyday bourbon. I live in Kentucky and have a lot of bourbons to choose from and this is the best bourbon for your buck. My 3 favorite bourbons in no particular order is WT101, Four Roses single barrel, and Evan Williams single barrel. All can be had for under $35.

  38. Got some for $16 in KY very pleased! Description is spot on, nutmeg thats what that is! Spicy. Usually get trace or williams but this is a new favorite! cheers.

  39. WT101 with a splash of water is hands down my favorite bourbon. I’ve ventured into a lot of more expensive bourbons, and always find my way back to WT101. It’s unbelievable how much a bit of water opens it up. They have WT101 on sale at the local grocery store for $14.99 a bottle…needless to say I’ve been stocking up! Quality to price…I think you’ll be hard pressed to find many other bourbons that compare. Although I believe Evan Williams SB, Larceny, and Elijah Craig 12 come close. Thank you so much for the great review!

  40. I’m new to Whiskey and Bourbon. I really enjoy Wild Turkey 101. I’m glad I read your review and gave it s go. $17 for a bottle at the grocery store near my home. I’d probably have paid more for this after trying it. It’s my current favorite.

  41. Been drinking WT101 since 1962, junior high school. Been my fave ever since. Found that the ice balls work great, better than cubes. Cures all ills.

  42. I am a Knob Creek fan and like very much and do like H Taylor Single Barrel however
    that said I took my time in a long review of Wild Turkey 101 and I must agree with one new whiskey man at age 60 who commented on this Bourbon.For the price it is a great whiskey as I drink neat so flavor is everything mild heat fine finish and a
    very excellent Bourbon I shall always keep a bottle on my shelf from now on.

  43. This is a bourbon that took a few bottles to really grow on me. I always thought it was pretty good but didn’t experience the fullness in flavor, the sweet oak and spicy notes especially, until I added a few drops of water to it. Wow! What a difference a teaspoon of water can make. The flavors and sweetness unleash and it becomes an entirely different (and better) bourbon. After this revelation I found that I like WT101 just as much as the stuff that is very high on my list – Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare 10, Makers 46, and RR10 to name a few. I can’t get over how great this stuff is.

    Big fan of your blog by the way. Keep up the good work and consider writing a whiskey book.

  44. What happened to WT101? It “was” a great everyday bourbon. I bought a bottle the other day,cracked it open, poured it over some ice, and that first taste was terrible. the second one wasn’t any better. I slowly worked my way through and poured another. It was just as bad as the first. I studied the label and it looked the same as the other bottles I bought. Then I saw a label across the top of the bottle that said “High Rye”. What happened to the regular WT101? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    • Hey Gerald,

      Wild Turkey has always been a high rye bourbon; same mashbill for decades. I have a recent bottle (new label w/ the realistic-almost-judgemental-looking turkey on it) and I’m loving it as much as the label pictured in the review.

      • I have a bottle of this right now, and I see the words “High Rye” on it. Whatever the marketing people at Wild Turkey want us to believe, 13% rye in a bourbon’s mashbill is not “high rye.” 10% to 15% rye is absolutely normal in the industry for non-wheaters. 1792: Small Batch is 15% rye and Barton obviously doesn’t consider that rye since they brought out a “1792: High Rye” limited edition. I’d say the threshold for “high rye” starts at Old Forester/Woodford Reserve level(18%). Four Roses has two mashbills and one is 20% and the other is 35%. Basil Hayden/OGD is 27%. Bulleit Bourbon (distilled by For Roses) is 28%. THAT’s high-rye bourbon for you. I think the spiciness in Wild Turkey is wood spice, not rye spice. What makes Wild Turkey different? Number 4 level barrel char (aka, Alligator char) on the barrels they use for maturation (which WT admits they use exclusively) instead of the more typically used Number 3 level.

        • It’s also possible 13% is low. Wild Turkey has never officially disclosed their mashbill. The one I have listed is the “generally accepted” one. Last time I was at WT I asked Eddie & Jimmy about it and the only thing they’d say is that the generally accepted one is close. So 5% on the rye and 3% on the corn and 2% on the barley or some combination would be close. They could also be sending us on a wild goose, err turkey, chase and this is right… who knows.

  45. For decades I’ve long been a fan of dark ales and stouts of the UK, I like my liquid bread equal to pumpernickel and rye compared to the popular gold pilsners that resemble white bread. About 10 years ago I ventured into single malt highland scotch due to its smoothness but rue its high price. Well, last Spring our Harley group rode the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and opened my eyes, palette, and closed my wallet a bit. We toured the Jim Beam distillery and visited several others including the Four Roses, which is a very fine fairly priced Bourbon including a whopping 119 proof sample I found very smooth and enjoyable over ice. I now alternate between Four Roses 80proof and Wild Turkey 101 over ice enjoying two great offerings at half the price of fine scotch and domestically produced, most excellent! Here’s to made in America, bottoms up!

  46. Absolutely CAN’T go wrong with WT 101! Staple food to the max! Along with Old Grand Dad BIB, Evans Williams Black/White label, and Elijah Craig.

  47. just tried wt101 tonight. it came in a 375ml bottle for 15 bucks. had to blow the dust off the bottle. not bad, not bad at all. not as rich as ogd114.but damn !

  48. Putting WT101 in my new decanter has been the best possible move. It has really opened up and calmed down the brash nature of WT101. The nose is beautiful: caramel, sweet vanilla, and honey. Corn, cinnamon, spice, and oak on the palate. The finish of cinnamon and the embers of wild fire. Give this some air and let it work. Bam!

    • You know… for as much WT 101 as I go through I’ve never put it in one of my decanters. That’s a phenomenal idea and I don’t know why I haven’t considered doing it before. Cheers Ben!

  49. WT 101 is my second all time favorite. Mixes real good with southern sweet tea. Rare Breed tops my list. I think it got so popular that the price now hurts. Special occasion only.

  50. Never had 101 before. Got a new bottle hand have been leaving the cork out for a couple of hours the past couple of days. Already improved it. Good stuff.

  51. Love wild turkey 101 it’s my go to besides buffalo trace.They call it got gut they should try Kentucky deluxe lol

  52. I used to drink crown for escape from hangovers forever, but since 2008 I have deverted my attention to Wild Turkey 101! So,from a loyal Royal to a good, clean hangovers free, flavorful, which I call Apple juice, Wild Turkey 10yum.

  53. I am 67 yrs. old and have probably tried well over 100 bourbons. WT 101 is on my short list of whiskeys. Consistent quality and reasonable price. I love the flavor profile of all the WT products. WT 101 is great neat with a few drops of water, and It holds up nicely over ice. This is an excellent website. Thanks.

  54. Great review Josh. However, I would have to rate this around an 89. For the price point, this is the best in the business. This holds up well over ice and the rough edges seem part of the great flavor profile. Jimmy and Eddie put some of the best stuff out that you can get.

  55. I would agree this scores an 87 if it were priced with Woodford, Knob Creek and others at the $33 a bottle price point. But at a $23 a bottle price point, the value factor jumps it up to at least a 90. For the money, this is about the best in the business. A great bourbon at a reasonable price. I think you and I share some of the same tasting notes Josh. I am a big GD and WT fan. I don’t care as much for Buffalo Trace and Jim Beam offerings.

  56. I keep coming back to WT 101 from time to time, year after year. Sure can’t beat it for value. Probably the cheapest Bourbon I honestly enjoy drinking neat, now that I’m an old fart in my 50s with a little bit of disposable income and not a college student just looking to get drunk on the cheap.

  57. Stumbled on to this blog and i’m Hooked. I was telling some bourbon snobs to try 101 and I got the “third eye” look. My experience with wt101 was by accident, when the bar was out of Buffalo Trace. In a blind taste test, this would place well with the mid and even top shelf fare.

  58. Hard to believe, but after all these years I just opened my very first bottle of WT 101 last week. The potential is there, but this one will need to grow on me a bit. So far, the nose and palate are a bit lackluster but I am enjoying the finish most of all. This is drinking with just a few drops of water. I have a bottle of Russell’s Reserve in the bunker (also never tried) and am tempted to crack it open now to compare the two head to head. Thoughts anyone?

    • I love the Russell’s, you can never go wrong with it. It’s a more mature 101. Also, one thing I’ve found with the 101 is it gets better as the bottle is open longer and it also decants VERY well if you have a decanter. Cheers!

  59. Even though I’ve been drinking Wild Turkey for decades I wanted to add my voice to the chorus of cheers for WT 101. I would even go so far as to rate it a point or two higher than you Josh. Happy New Year to all!

  60. A 375ML of 101 at my nearest store is just $12, an easy pay day reward, I gotta say.
    Not hard to afford and it’s a nice to not bring home a fifth, for a change.
    I’ve become a bit of a WT fan lately. And you’re going to have to shoulder a bit of the blame for that. 😉

    Cant’ quite justify buying the RR SiB, just yet, as I have several different SiB Kentucky Spirits, a Rare Breed, and a RR10 to work through. I love tasting them together. Some have a slight peanut note on the finish that I can’t get enough of. There is a distinct punch to WT bourbon that my taste buds appreciate. Very pronounced flavor, and it helps me detect and appreciate the nuances in non-WT bourbons.

    Thank you for turning me on to it.

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