Very Olde St. Nick – 24 yr Ancient Rare Whiskey Review

Very Olde St Nick - 24 yr Ancient Rare Whiskey Review
The Very Olde St. Nick 24 year Ancient Rare Whiskey was the last one we tried in the VOSN series. It was a decent ending to both events because it beautifully demonstrated that age truly isn’t everything. Just because this was the oldest of the whiskeys doesn’t mean it was the best (that award goes to the VOSN 19 yr Rare Bourbon).

Getting to try all of these was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m not saying that to brag, I’m saying that so if you ever come across the opportunity to try any of these you don’t hesitate and hop right on it. Tackle that opportunity because these bottles are disappearing quicker than their being sourced. So if you get the chance jump on it, then come back here and let me know what you tried and what you thought of it.

Very Olde St. Nick – 24 yr Ancient Rare Whiskey Review

“Barrel Strength”

ABV: 40.6%
Age: 24 years
Price: NA – Prices vary due to rarity (Japan export)
Distiller: Stitzel-Weller
Bottler: The Kulsveens (Willett / KBD)

Dark caramel with some red

VOSN just dropped the oak bomb; scattering notes of caramel, butterscotch, dark fruit leather and musty spice in it’s wake. A light vegetal character haunts the blast site and while it’s not overly complex or rich, it’s not unpleasant and that’s always appreciated.

Sweet caramel syrup and a musty dry spice reign over the palate with some vanilla extract, candy corn, leather, a shocking amount of oak and something I can only describe as rusty cinnamon. With how strong the oak was on the nose I’m a little stymied about how light it is on the palate.

Weirdly short and peppered with spice, worn out caramel, oak and candy corn.

Good but not great balance that seems mostly affected by the mismatching levels of oak on the nose and palate. Medium body and possibly the smoothest whiskey I’ve ever had. It drank like water.

Kind of odd the way the oak goes from domineering to dormant when moving from nose to palate, but all in all not a bad whiskey. I would like to try it in more of a controlled environment, but still really happy I got to taste it at all. Decent sipping whiskey that’s a little light on flavor, but still a fun experience nonetheless.

SCORE: 82-86/100 (range given due to having it at a tasting and not in a controlled environment)

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