Silver Wedding Medicinal Pint Review

Silver Wedding Medicinal Pint Review

The Silver Wedding Medicinal Pint was distilled by the Midway Distilling Co., who had a medicinal license to distill during prohibition, but was bottled by the George T. Stagg Co. For a bit more information on this whiskey we turn to the the LAWS website which is where I tasted this at. LAWS I mean… not the website. That would be impossible.

Silver Wedding “…was distilled at what seems to have been originally called the Glenarme Distillery in Woodford County. It existed under a number of real or fictional names afterwards, and by 1912 it was officially the Belle of Anderson distillery… which went broke in 1915. Afterwards it reorganized as the Midway Distilling Co.” Now let’s see how it tastes and smells – on to the Silver Wedding Medicinal Pint review!

Silver Wedding Medicinal Pint Info

Region: Kentucky, USA

Distiller: Midway Distillery Co.
Bottler: George T. Stagg Co. (now Sazerac / Buffalo Trace)
Mashbill: At least 51% corn
Cask: New-Charred Oak
Age: 15 Years (1917 – 1932)
ABV: 50%

Price: NA – Auction, private seller or specialty store

Silver Wedding Medicinal Pint Review


Dried dark fruit, talcum powder, waxy red licorice, oak and butterscotch heavy dark sweets. The aroma is actually quite nice.

Mimics the nose with a bit more oak and spice. The talcum powder note fades to more of a baking flour kind of character. Not bad at all.

Medium oak, spice and dark sweets

Decent balance, medium body and a bit of heat as it passes through.

Not bad. Not amazing, but not bad. The Silver Wedding Medicinal Pint is one of the better medicinal pints I’ve had and definitely deserves the reputation is has of being a decent pour. With a weirdly lovely aroma and palate that follows suite, but comes across a bit more rustic, it makes me feel not quite so bad for the prohibition-era drinkers.

Sure some of the stuff has been terrible, but stuff like this Silver Wedding Medicinal Pint shows that it wasn’t all bad. Provided I had a job and the means to buy whiskey during that time this definitely would have been one of the whiskeys I picked up to cure what ailed me. I wonder if “I’m depressed because there’s not enough good whiskey available” was a good enough reason to get a prescription for whiskey back then.

SCORE: 83-86/100 (B, not consumed at home)

Silver Wedding Medicinal Pint Label Review - Score Breakdown
  • Nose - 83
  • Palate - 83
  • Finish - 83
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 83


Silver Wedding Medicinal Pint is not too bad… not too bad at all. If you get the chance to try it do so!

Silver Wedding Medicinal Pint Label


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