Old Weller Antique 107 Review

Old Weller 107 Review

Weighing in at only $8 more than the Special Reserve I can say with confidence that the Old Weller Antique 107 is completely worth every penny and then some. On the quality-of-bourbon-to-dollar-scale it’s value is only surpassed by the Weller 12 which we’ll be getting into very soon.

Essentially the Antique is the same thing as a the Special Reserve except that it’s bottled at a higher proof, which really does make all the difference in the world. It’s more balanced than the Special Reserve, has a fuller body and is much more flavorful than the SR. The added proof makes it almost a completely different whiskey.

Overall, I think this is just plain great stuff and has become a staple in my house when I can’t find the 12 locally. The nose is lighter than on the 12, but crisper than on the Special Reserve and the flavor is just a tad muted when compared to the 12, but far more robust than the SR. I can’t really call it a middle ground because it’s far closer to the 12 than the SR, but no matter where you place it between the two one fact remains. It’s damn good bourbon.

Old Weller Antique 107 Review

ABV: 53.5%
Price: $25
Distiller: W.L. Weller and sons / Buffalo Trace

Warm caramel

Big caramel notes combine with vanilla and a soft oak to create an aroma I could nose all day long. Honey, cherries and a mild dark fruit waltz in and out of olfactory perception with a bit of pepper lurking in the shadows.

Caramel comes out first followed by honey, dark fruit, bourbon spice and a very pleasant bit of wood. Hanging out with these savory characters are hints of coca, notes of citrus and touches of dried dark fruits like raisins and prunes which get stronger with a splash of water.

Hot and hangs heavy on the palate, but exceptionally easy to drink for a 107.

Caramel and vanilla support a wood and brown sugar heavy finish that fades out ever so slowly.

SCORE: 91/100

Josh Peters

Josh Peters

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  1. Spot on review. I’m only able to get 107 in 375ml. The heat does not overpower the complexity of this whiskey, and for me is very “up front” and fades nicely into the palate. I prefer to drink this with a small splash of water. The SR is my everyday wheated Bourbon, while the 107 is my “starter”. Evan Williams BIB is my corn/rye go-to bourbon.

  2. I learned years back,I am 68, that some of the best bourbon are 100%+proof. Some of the lesser known and advertised are usually pleasant surprises. The 107 is no exception to that rule and dollar for bang is as good as they come and better than expected. If you like vanilla and caramel and sweet this may be a disappointment. While it has those attributes it has the nutiness and oak as well with a hint of pepper in the middle that may not suit everyone but may be unquestionably linked to the barrel. Would I purchase it again well I have in the past and will in the future. Have not tried the 12 but when I find some will do so.

    • Hi Peter,

      Thank you for chiming in and I couldn’t agree more and I love when I can find those lesser known gems. The 12 is definitely worth seeking out, but Buffalo Trace recently announced that they will be putting it on a yearly release schedule and will no longer be available year-round. I wish you luck, it’s some mighty tasty stuff in my opinion.


  3. Dang, SR is 17 a bottle where you are? It’s $12 in Georgia. The 12 is getting harder to find but today I found many casES of the Antique. Bought a bottle along with a 1.75 of SR which at 27 dollars is a better, cheaper Maker’s. Looking forward to trying the Antique tonight. Thanks for the review.

  4. I like the SR, but out her in Oregon it’s $23 for 750ml. The 12 YO comes in once a year, a case allotment per state run liquor store, and it goes directly out to the local bars/restaurants. Not available for your average guy to buy. Thanks Josh for the review of the 107, only $4 more than the SR and I will definitely give it a try this weekend.

  5. Can’t find product (original 107 brand) in Pasadena Texas, was told it is unavailable! Please let me know if and where I can restock.

  6. Love this stuff when I can find it…Cinnamon Candy tingle that stand up to ice. Smooth as glass neat, so be careful, the 107 proof will sneak up on you.

  7. One of the few whiskies I actually prefer a splash of water in. Once the water is in, hello happy town! Great, great stuff if you can find it.

  8. Revisiting this bottle after a few weeks and I am astounded by how good this whiskey really is. So smooth, just the right amount of sweet with what I always called a “real bourbon” flavor. I only wish I could find another bottle. Love it!

  9. I Just picked up the Old Weller 107 for $39. Thw price seems high, but I’ve never experienced it because this is the first bottle I have seen in 2 years….so I bit the bullet and picked it up. I am not a big wheat bourbon guy, but I love to try new whiskeys.

    Most reviews I read on the Weller 12 and 107 are very high on the bourbon, but mention what a value it is. Value is subjective, but in your opinion, Josh, is it worth the $39 price point?

    $39 is typically on the lower side of my spending per bottle, I could almost purchase a bottle of K.C. Single Barrel or Russell’s Reserve (probably my favorite)for another $15.

    I went through the following:
    Is it new to me? Yes
    Is it a unique mashbill? Outside of Maker’s…seems to be
    Is it rare? Yes
    Will it be here next week? Probably not…
    Is it priced too high? Yes….but I do want to try it…

    So I picked it up along with my Glenfiddich 15 and that was that….

    • I really enjoy it and unfortunately I think $40 is on the lower side of its pricing these days. I see it for about lot more in Los Angeles and the Weller 12 for $100+. It’s gotten out of hand, but back when it was $20 this was an amazing deal.

    • Here in the burbs of Georgia, Rowell to be exact, I picked up 2 bottles about 1 month apart. It $39.99 which seems very reasonable due to its scarcity. $9 over retail is a small price. The guy that paid $80 needs therapy!

  10. Used to buy this over ten years ago when I was probably drinking more Jack than bourbon. Had not learned much and my dad, who was a bourbon drinker would get Ten High (and he easily could have afforded better). Then I used to buy it because it was cheap and the 107 proof would make it last longer. It was strong for me so I would drink it on ice and sometimes give it a splash to speed up the dilution. Then I could not find it for years and when I finally did 8 or 9 years ago, thought it tasted harsh. Recently discovered I liked the SR neat where as I used to drink it on the rocks and thought it bland. The SR goes fast and when I found a 1.75 on a recent stop, the guy told me they had some 107 behind the counter, so I bought it along with the SR. I did some mixing of the two (lame attempt at making something Pappy-like), but found I loved them both separate, neat. Last trip found only a 750 of SR so I went to my rye-bourbon go-to WT 101.

      • Nearly impossible to find in NJ these days. After over a year and a half, I finally found 1 bottle for $30 and was happy to get it. Just 4 years ago, it was plentiful at around $22 and was a well kept secret. Not anymore as you all know. To me, it is similar to the Van Winkle 10-year.

  11. Just reading some of the comments and marveling at the $12/$17 for SR – hopefully we are in a 2006 housing bubble, and soon these will become available once again, but finding Weller 90 in Nashville is like finding .22 long rifle – it won’t make it a day on the shelf (and it’s >$25). Only chance at 107 is a store barrel pick, and if you’re w/in an hour of the store when they announce. That said, seems like quality stores will get an OWA pick annually, so make friends and get on Instagram.
    I’m sipping on some 107 right now, and, while I won’t bore you with my tasting notes, it holds its own against the couple of Four Roses PS, Russell’s Reserve SB, and 1792 FP I’ve also “tasted” tonight. But, by now, I’m also lit. up.

  12. I found some Antique 107 last week for 22 bucks a bottle…..needless to say I bought 6 and walked out heel clicking my boots. I have to keep the location secret as I want my honey hole to keep producing this sweet nectar

  13. Just found the 107 here in Asheville, NC but been looking forever lol the manager had noticed me coming in every week looking and he brought me a bottle from the back that’s suppose to be just for the bars/restaurants. I hope he knows I’m gonna be coming back hoping for more lol. Was $30 after tax

  14. My local store has been regularly getting me the antique at $19 a bottle, and the last 2 weeks has gotten me a bottle per week of the Weller 12 for $25 a barrel!!

  15. After considerable searching I too found a bottle of Antique 107 for $22 bucks. It was very dusty and under the counter in an out-of-the-way liquor store. I cracked open the screw-cap and poured what might be my favorite bourbon of all time.

    As of late I have been collecting Buffalo Trace’s Mash Bill #1 Bourbons and thought I had found the Holy Grail. I was close, but wrong! Now I need to find the W.L. Weller 12 and the William Larue Weller…oh and I still need a George T. Stagg.

    Josh, thanks for all you do. I know it a tough job and entails a lot of sacrifice but we all appreciate it.

  16. I live in upstate New York and the prices out here are absurd. Weller SR 750 ml are anywhere from 59.99 to 79.99, weller 107 69.99 to 89.99, and weller 12 129.99 to 189.99. It is absolutely absurd how much some of these stores will mark up a certain product based on allocation and scarcity throughout the state. When i went back home to Kansas City , MO for a week I found a few weller SR bottles on the shelf for 17.99, had to buy them all. It was like finding a unicorn haha. Love buffalo trace products.

    • These prices are out of reach for me now on Weller 12 but the antique stills flys under the radar where I shop.i looked at eBay and they are listing bottles of the 12 that are consistently hitting above 150.00 for a 750.i just hope my all time favorite Elijah Craig barrel proof doesn’t jump in price also.

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