Old Scout Bourbon 8 years Review – Bottled Exclusively for Randall’s Wines and Spirits

Old Scout Bourbon 8 years Review - Randalls Wine and Spirits

Old Scout Bourbon is put out by Smooth Ambler Spirits who is a Merchant Bottler (NDP) and it is so very cool that they do not try to hide the fact they source their juice from other distilleries. Why is that? Because even if they do not make it they manage to source and bottle great bourbon! We here at the Jug have no problem with brands using distillate from other sources as long as they are transparent about it and, like High West, these guys are completely upfront about it.

Heck, selling independent bottlings of Scotch is how I learned about whisky and some of the best whiskies that I have ever had in my life were from sourced juice. However the one thing I wish that Old Scout would do is disclose the distillery for each release. I understand why that’s not always possible, but I can wish right?

Old Scout Bourbon 8 yr Review – Bottled Exclusively for Randall’s Wines and Spirits 

Bottler: Smooth Ambler Spirits
Age: 8 years
ABV: 55.9%
Price: $50

Cask #40

Dark bourbon brown.

Deep oak, eucalyptus and mint with maple syrup and raspberries. The nose on this bourbon is nice and rich. This is showing promise, I hope the taste is just as impressive.

Spicy cinnamon oak followed by an oddly appealing grape cough syrup and some raspberry jam.

Raspberry dominated with the eucalyptus coming back for an encore. It calms down after a bit and reminds me of a nice Kvass. (Russian Malt Beverage)

Super balanced, rich and warm with a chewy viscous texture. I’m digging this one.

I’m really glad I got to try this bottle of 8 year Old Scout Bourbon. The person who picked this cask really knew what they were doing; it’s an excellent single cask of bourbon. Though just to be sure it was truly deserving of my excitement I poured a couple of other good whiskeys and then came back to this one to see if it still held up after sipping on some others and I’m happy to say that It does.

SCORE: 90/100

Chris Uhde

Chris Uhde

I've been in the spirits business in one capacity or another for over 14 years. I cut my teeth as a bartender in an Athens, GA dive bar and In 2007, I started working for JVS Wines in California. I now manage Southern California for JVS and the West Coast for Impex Beverages. I'm also the whisky expert for the Daily Pint in Santa Monica and the United Scottish Society in Southern California. I'm here because, really, I love all types of whisk(e)y and other spirits too.
Chris Uhde

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  1. What kind of glass is that in the photo? I really like specific glassware for bourbon and that one looks especially nice.

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