Jimmy’s Texas Bourbon Review

Jimmy's Texas Bourbon Review
Jimmy’s Texas Bourbon is a four grain bourbon (corn, barley, rye and wheat) that starts out life in traditional new charred oak barrels where it mellows for about a month before being moved over to first fill Kiepersol Port barrels where it spends the next 11-13 months. Not only does the port wood temper the youthful grain, but it also gives this young whiskey a beautiful deep red hue.

Named after a WWII pilot and Texas resident, Jimmy’s is made with 100% Texas ingredients and in a time where an increasing amount of whiskey is sourced and then lied about it’s nice to see something new that is actually from where it says it is. It’s also nice to see them bucking the trend of taking their new make and selling it as “Texas Moonshine” or something like that.

Instead of taking that “easy route” the folks at Kiepersol have put some time, energy and thought into putting out something fun and interesting while the rest of their stock ages. Which, according to an email from the owner, they “can’t wait to share the straight and hopefully one day the five year and ten year barrels with the Jimmy’s lovers”, but since they’re actually making it themselves and not sourcing it we’re going to have to wait for the earth to go around the sun a few more times before we get a taste.

Jimmy’s Texas Bourbon Info

Region: Texas, USA

Distiller: Kiepersol
Mashbill: 85% corn, 5% malted barley, 5% malted rye and 5% wheat
Cask: New Charred Oak & ex-Port
ABV: 45%
Age: 1 year

Price: $45*

Jimmy’s Texas Bourbon Review

Dark ruddy caramel

Starts out with lots of corn, vanilla, fruit cake and raisins. Dates, birthday cake, juicy dark fruit, brown sugar, raw grains and molasses mix with some interesting waxy notes swimming about in the background. A slight nuttiness flits in and out of what amounts to an intriguing aroma.

Strange and fun it’s more like a dessert whiskey than a “daily drinker” with how sweet it is. Vanilla, corn, nutmeg and vanilla cupcakes come shooting out of the glass followed by notes of ripe dark fruit, toffee, anise and brown sugar. Some light touches of citrus and raisins mix with a bit of alcohol that kicks up at the end.

Balance is a bit off with corn and vanilla taking up a lot of room in the nose and palate. Medium body with a smooth satiny texture and only a bit of bite.

Short nutty finish with notes of corn, vanilla and juicy dark fruit leather.

It’s not what I would be looking for when I come home from a long day, but as an after dinner dram / digestif it’s really quite good. The sweet and grainy youth in the nose and palate being tempered by it’s time spent in the port barrels has made it soft and palatable, but I’m missing those woody caramel and spice notes that come to mind when you think of the word Bourbon.

Being a young corn based whiskey the flavor and aroma of Jimmy’s Texas Bourbon currently have more in common with other young corn whiskies like the Balcones Blue or Mellow Corn than they do a Buffalo Trace or even Jim Beam white. That all said, it’s definitely tasty for what it is and I’m looking forward to seeing what a few more years in the barrel do to this one. I have a feeling it’s going to be great.

SCORE: 80/100

*Sample was provided by the distillery for the purposes of this review

Jimmy's Texas Bourbon Review - Score Breakdown
  • Nose - 80
  • Palate - 80
  • Finish - 80
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 80


Jimmy's Texas Bourbon is definitely one of the more interesting, and better tasting, craft whiskeys out there. If you’re in Texas and have a chance give it a try!

Jimmy's Texas Bourbon Label


Jimmy’s Texas Bourbon: Last Glass Update (05-21-16)

Jimmy's Texas Bourbon Empty BottleNose has become big vanilla and maraschino cherries with light raisins. Palate is vanilla, corn, cherry heavy fruit and a bit of creamy sweetness. A lot of the spice and nuance fell out around 1/2 way but Jimmy’s Texas Bourbon stayed a sweet, though never cloying, whiskey throughout

I still wouldn’t immediately identify it as a bourbon if it was offered to me, in fact I might think it was an Armagnac or Cognac first. This isn’t a big bold bourbon, that comes with age, but if you want something that’s on the sweeter softer side of the spectrum, or a fan of either Cognac or Armagnac like I am, then you might really enjoy Jimmy’s Texas Bourbon.

FINAL VERDICT: Jimmy’s Texas Bourbon is something I’m excited to see grow and age. They have a solid base with good distillate and it tastes like it’s going to age well. I’m really excited to see what complexities and nuances show up over the years.



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