Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition 2014 Review

2014 Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition
To create the 2014 Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch Jim Rutledge (Four Roses Master Distiller) combined a 13 year OBSV, 12 year OESV, 11 year OBSF and a 9 year OBSK and then bottled it at glorious barrel strength. Which in this case is a solid 111.8 proof.

Every year the Four Roses Limited Editions are just as eagerly anticipated as the BTAC (or my case a little more), Birthday Bourbon, Pappy, etc. and as always the big question is “Is it as good as last year?” Considering that the 2013 Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch was an absolute stunner of a bourbon, it’s going to be tough and I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking you would hate to be in my shoes. Having to sip and compare the 125 to the CS SB. It’s a tough task to tackle, but someone’s gotta do it right? So let’s stop all this dilly dallying get to it!

Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition 2014 Review

ABV: 55.9%
Age: 9 years
Price: $100
Distiller: Four Roses
Mashbill: OB = 60% corn 35% rye 5% malted barley & OE = 75% corn 20% rye 5% malted barley
(64% corn, 31% rye, 5 % malted barley assuming 1/4 is OE)

Dark caramel

A cinnamon heavy spice rack comes up front followed by notes of caramel, rye, citrus, rich vanilla, oak and dark fruit. Leather and a fudge quality (think bourbon flavored fudge), round out a nice clean and inviting aroma.

A deep and delicious amount of oak, spice, caramel and citrus come out first followed by dark fruit, leather, molasses and coca. Complex and hearty it drinks like a meal.

Long and filled with oak, caramel, rye spice, vanilla, dark fruit, cocoa and a hint of gingersnaps.

Very well balanced with a rich full body and a thick oily texture.

I’m going to cut to the chase here and say It’s not as good as the 2013. In a side-by-side the 2013 SB LE wins hands down. HOWEVER, the 2014 is still a magnificent bourbon and I don’t want to take anything away from that. It has an expressive sweet and spicy nose I could sniff all day and a flavor that’s a deep pocket of sweet and spiced oak that is tasty tasty tasty. It’s a pleasant whiskey that’s a nice leap up from the already awesome Four Roses Small Batch and definitely worth the dough.

SCORE: 95/100

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  1. Got to try some of this side by side the ’12, ’13 and 15 with Brent Elliot early this year – couldn’t believe how handily it blew the rest away. Such a rock solid dram all over.

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