Evan Williams Bottled In Bond Review

Evan Williams Bottled In Bond Review

Evan Williams Bottled In Bond is the exact same whiskey as the Evan Williams Black Label, but distilled, aged and bottled in accordance with the Bottled-In-Bond rules. It also happens to be a good bourbon. Evan Williams definitely benefits from the higher proof and as with most BiB products it’s a great value if you’re looking for whiskey that delivers versatility.

For decades Bonded spirits were seen as “the good stuff” because they assured consumers of a certain standard of quality which follows through today. Bonded whiskey is typically cheap and always bottled at 100 proof which makes it easy to sip but robust enough for cocktails. I always have at least one Bonded bourbon in my house at all times for that exact reason.

Evan Williams Bottled In Bond Info

Region: Kentucky, USA

Distiller: Heaven Hill
Mashbill: 75% corn, 13% rye, 12% barley
Cask: new charred oak
Age: 4+ years
ABV: 50%

Price: $18

Evan Williams Bottled In Bond Review

Leather gloves

Caramel heavy dark sweets, wood, French vanilla, dark fruit and sweet cream move out at a lazy pace with a light touch of maple and raw grain coming through now and then.

Creamy caramel, toasted corn, spice, French vanilla and dark fruit account for most of the flavor with a nice light creamy sweetness and a touch of leather lending additional dimension.

Long and spice driven accompanied by notes of dark fruit, dark sweets and wood.

Good balance, medium body and a smooth, almost velvety, texture.

Evan Williams Bottled In Bond is a tasty bourbon at a phenomenal price. Pleasant neat, robust in cocktails and enjoyable with or after meals. This is one of those whiskies that are so versatile that I like to keep it around as much as possible now that it’s available in Los Angeles. When it comes to value it’s a great deal and has a lot to offer the senses for under 20 bones. If you haven’t tried this one yet give it a go when you get a chance.

SCORE: 86/100

Evan Williams Bottled In Bond Label

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  1. Like the review. In the Great Commonwealth of Virginia, I have seen the emergence of many new “bourbons” produced by who knows who – a purist can let us all know – and priced anywhere from $45 to $60. I have since begun to question the situation, as the “emperor’s cloths” problem. So, I have to confess after this review, I went looking for the bottom shelf bottle, and liked it a lot. This is one example of many actually out there, that people should consider in order to challenge the new production and pricing policy that is becoming the norm.

  2. To me this bourbon has a distinctive grassy flavor. I don’t notice this with Heaven Hill 6 year bonded, which I have read is basically the same whiskey just aged in different barrels and different warehouses. Have you ever compared the two? And is this similar to Willett’s Old Bardstown bourbon?

    • It has a sort of leaves cleaned out from my gutters aftertaste. Suprisingly hard to get down, never had an aftertaste like this before in a bourbon. Makes me wonder if I got a bad batch after you and so many others gave it solid reviews.

    • I haven’t had the HH BiB 6 yr. It’s not available in L.A., but next time I’m back East / in the South where I can find it I’m definitely interested in trying and comparing.


  3. Grabbed a bottle based on your review and my experience with EW’s single barrell releases. What a great bourbon for under $20. Creamy, easy to drink with a very warm and comforting finish. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this quality whiskey.

  4. I tried this at your recommendation and damn, this is a sweet bourbon! I don’t mean that in a bad way at all, but there is this whole syrupy character that a few drops of water doesn’t diminish at all. I like it a lot and I think this will be a staple of my shelf–for mixing, for having neat, whatever the occasion.

    Sláinte and thanks again for another tip I might not have had otherwise.

  5. Sitting at home, watching it snow, and trying this absolutely fantastic bourbon that I picked up after reading your review. It’s an AMAZING value. Thanks!!!

  6. Just picked up a bottle here in Philly, on sale for $13.99, and I’m tasting it now. Sometimes life is very good! I love your reviews, especially when you get into the “bargain” wonders like this one.

  7. I went looking for a decent inexpensive bourbon and noticed the EW BiB at a local liquor shop. I remembered your review of it and decided to pull the trigger. Extremely please with my purchase which is a good thing as I bought a handle of it. Couldn’t pass it up for $25!

  8. I never gave this one a second look since I’m not a fan of the Black Label EW, but after seeing so many positive reviews I gave it a shot and man am I glad I did. This is now my go to $15 pour. I try to keep my cabinet stocked with at least one $10-$20 bottle, one $20-$30 bottle and one $30 plus bottle. This one is $15 in my state and often on sale for as low as $12. I can drink this one neat or with ice and it is now my standard cocktail bourbon. It really stands up to bitters, vermouth, cola etc. This is the best value in bourbon IMHO.

  9. In my continued sampling of bourbon less than $20 this was next on the list. Very smooth on the tongue, almost sweet, fruity. mild burn on swallow just to remind you that it is 100 proof. no raw ethanol taste or smell either, which i sense from some other whiskey. will do a blind taste test tonight with friends. EWbib, old grand dad bib, and Larceny. will post the results.

  10. just had a taste, EWbib does not have the peppery burn on the tongue i get from EW black. any suggestions on what to try next? so far i have tried EWblack, EWbib, Old granddad bib, larceny, knob creek, elijah craig 12yo, EW 1783, henry mckenna 10yo bib, and rebel yell.

  11. Thanks for the reviews. They led me to give this bourbon a try. Good stuff. Don’t be mislead by the low price, this is a great whiskey to keep on hand. Good enough to drink neat.

  12. Josh,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a little over a year now and really enjoy the reviews. EWBIB has emerged to be my favorite all-around bourbon, but I was curious about variation between bottles/batches. The first 2 bottles I had seemed identical, but I just cracked open a handle and it seems to have less of the warm honey/vanilla/caramelly goodness I remembered and tastes a little thinner somehow. I know BIB means that all the bourbon has to be from the same year, so could this just be a different year?
    All the best and thanks for the reviews!

    • Cheers Jim. You’re exactly correct. Because BiB products are a result of a single distilling season (year) they are more subject to change than other whiskey that might be a blend of different years. This does mean there will be more variation in the BiB products than the rest.

  13. I just bought my first bottle of Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond. I think it is an excellent value. I have to say, however, that I prefer Old Grand-Dad Bonded. I drink bourbon neat and in my opinion OGD has more flavor. I like a spicy whisky and OGD’s mash bill has 27% rye. The result is a much more flavorful whisky that is extremely easy to drink. Just my opinion…

  14. Great stuff. I found it locally for $21/1.75 Liter (you read that right) and it has replaced OGD Bonded as my bar Bourbon as a result. OGD Bonded in the same store is $18/750 ml bottle, so I’m getting over twice as much of a great Bourbon for $3 more.

  15. Surprise Surprise on me as a Buffalo Trace guy I decided to put Heaven Hill products to the Palate so I bought Single Barrel,BIB,Regular and 1783 and did a very fair tasting over a week and I must say I am so amazed at the spice and flavor
    of these inexpensive products.My favorite is Single barrel because it has more spice however I would put the BIB up against E H Taylor any day so there you go I am now a true Evan Williams fan truly excellent Bourbons

  16. I just can’t find any love for EWBIB except as a mixer. I think the base mashbill is great since I do really like the older versions of this found in EWSB, Henry McKenna BIB and EC12. However, I think the age in oak that these others receive gives the flavors and smoothness that I look for in a good sipping whiskey. EWBIB is just too harsh and young for my tastes compared to the others, but it’s obviously a whole lot cheaper, so for a mixer you can’t go wrong with it.

  17. This is smooth stuff. Really smooth. It has some. It’s but goes down easy. It made an impression on me. But I must say the dominant flavor I get is a nutty one. Can’t say for sure it’s peanuts, but definitely very nutty. Not a bad thing, just different and interesting. For the price, this is excellent bourbon.

  18. Have you noticed a slight label change for the BiB? In my area ( deep south ) it now has gold lettering and more explanation along with “Single Distillery” slapped on the front. i hope this is not a sign they are going to up the price, as is becoming custom when companies start throwing words like “Single” around. Love this bourbon though.

  19. I just found this stuff in Maryland when I was passing through, and quickly grabbed a 1.75 liter for $27, which prices it at under $12 per fifth. What a value! It’s so much better than the black label, which though pleasant just withers in a cocktail. The BiB makes a terrific Old Fashioned. Great vanilla and woody taste, and a very pleasant spicy character. It doesn’t have quite the bite, or as long a finish as Wild Turkey 101, but it packs a lot of great flavor. I can see this one becoming a very affordable daily drinker.

  20. Josh: This is my big brother bourbon. I tried it neat, being cautious and such post other bourbon experiences I usually had it on the rocks (lotsarox).
    I feel now that is a crime against this bottle. Especially given it’s retail price. ($14.00+taxTotalWineVancUSA). It’s one of the sneaker whiskies that’s lurking around this world. Cheap and good. I consistently have this in stock. It’s all that’s needed in a bourbon.
    Now if I could find an equivalent single malt scotch or Irish!

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