Evan Williams 200th Anniversary Decanter Review

Evan Williams 200th Anniversary Decanter Review

This Evan Williams 200th Anniversary Decanter comes to us straight out of 1983. Want to know how I know? Because Evan Williams was supposedly founded in 1783, though there is some disagreement on that, and 1783 + 200 = 1983. Created to celebrate their 200th Anniversary, this decanter supposedly held a mix of hand-picked cherry barrels that were meant to fully embody the brand and put the best of Evan Williams on display… and they succeeded splendidly.

This whiskey was far and away my favorite bourbon of the evening at a recent dusty bourbon tasting we did for the SCWC. It’s everything I love about the Evan Williams Vintage 2003 but even more rounded, full and taken to a different level. As of this moment it’s the best dram of Evan Williams I’ver ever had. Too bad I’m 32 years late to the party to pick some up.

Evan Williams 200th Anniversary Decanter Info

Region: Kentucky, USA

Distiller: Heaven Hill
Mashbill: 75% corn, 13% rye, 12% barley
Cask: new charred oak
Age: NAS
ABV: 43%

Price: NA – Dusty

Evan Williams 200th Anniversary Decanter Review

Ruddy caramel

Dark fruit, caramel, toffee and a cinnamon heavy baking spice move out first followed by a light bit of herbal vanilla. It has a nice warm rich character that I could sit and sniff for hours.

Rich and complex dark fruit and dark sweets balance against rich notes of grain, spice, wood and mint. Delicious.

Long woody fade layered with notes of dark fruit, dark sweets and mint.

Great balance, a full body and a heavy velvety feel.

This Evan Williams 200th Anniversary Decanter contained some excellent bourbon. At the Tax-stamped bourbon tasting this was my favorite of the night and I wish it had been my contribution so I could have gone home with it. Rich and full across the senses it’s a phenomenal bourbon and a great example of the kind of whiskey Heaven Hill was making before their old distillery burned down in 1996. Good good stuff.

SCORE: 90-92/100 (consumed at a tasting, not at home)

Evan Williams 200th Anniversary Decanter Label

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        • Hey Mike,

          That’s pretty rad, though you’d probably get more out of someone else. I like it, but wouldn’t be willing to spend more than $80 shipped for it. I could trade some bottles that cost me about $50 and a few hours of dusty hunting on a Saturday here in LA. I’m an active dusty hunter so I’m hoping to either find one myself or find duplicates of what I need to trade to get one locally. Sorry.

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