Bulleit 10 Review

Bulleit 10 Review

I’ve read a lot of other reviews for Bulleit 10 and I feel like I’m in the minority of people who prefer the 10 to the regular Bulleit bourbon. I definitely see where the argument about if it’s worth the price comes into play though. That $40-$50 price point is getting more crowded each month with premium offerings from major distilleries and small batch options from craft distillers. It’s a tough time to be competing at this level.

Bulleit 10 has a great aroma and flavor that are rich with everything that makes bourbon great and when tasted side by side with the regular Bulleit and a bottle of Four Roses Small Batch it comes in tasting more like the 4R Small Batch than it does the traditional Bulleit. The extra maturity definitely shows in this bourbon and in addition to the more robust flavor the extra age has mellowed out the mild astringency I typically find in Bulleit. With the original I always find that I’m bored with it after the first glass and don’t want a second, but that’s not the case here. The 10 is something I could drink all night at an event or party.

Overall I do like this bourbon and if you haven’t tried it you should. It is more balanced and has a bolder rounder flavor than it’s younger counter part. The rich nose of buttery candy and overripe fruit combined with the more earthy wood and rye flavors make it a great sipping whiskey. The finish is a little off for my taste, but still the biggest faltering point for me is the price. If it were more in the $35 range it would be easily justified, but at the existing $45 I would rather spend $5 less and get a bottle of the Four Roses Single Barrel instead.

If you’ve had the Bulleit 10 what did you think?

Bulleit Bourbon 10 year Review

ABV: 45.6%
Price: $45
Distiller: Bulleit / Four Roses
Mash: 68% corn, 28% rye, 4% malted barley

Dark Amber

Cherries and rye come skipping out of the glass with caramel, some overripe dark fruit, buttery toffee, oak and a mild citrus drifting in behind them. It’s a very pleasant aroma.

On the palate the notes flip around a bit with the rye and wood leading the procession of dark fruit, caramel, citrus, cinnamon, leather and a hint of vanilla. Again, it’s very pleasant and being rather similar to the Four Roses Small Batch it’s hard not to like it.

More mellow than the regular offering it still has enough bite and texture to keep things interesting.

It has a long woody finish that is punctuated with notes of rye, pepper and caramel coffee syrup.

SCORE: 90/100

*This sample was graciously provided to me by Bulleit’s PR agency.

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15 Responses to Bulleit 10 Review

  1. Found a bottle on sale for $39.00 poured a shot and was more than pleasantly surprised by the smooth nature and mild finish. Good aroma, touch of cinnamon. Very nice on it’s own and I look forward to it in a cocktail.

  2. I very much agree with the review. I am a big fan of the bulliet/4R products, and I agree that this is very similar to 4R small batch. But I don’t have any 4R at home to compare it to, so all I can say is how damn good this glass is right now. I’d be lying if I said I could pickup all of the complexities you noted in your review, but I do get a handful of them. One thing i really enjoy about your blog is that many of the bottles I have liked, you happen to give high marks, and those that I thought were only so-so, I do a search on the site, and you usually agree. I found myself searching your site for 5-10 minutes standing in front of the bourbon selection at Total Wines lol.

    Anyways, with this bottle, for me, the aroma is off the charts, and it’s so incredibly drinkable, I find myself trying to not drink it, because I don’t want the bottle to be gone. Keep up the good work.

  3. I was actually looking for the regular Bulleit, but the store was currently out. This bottle of 10 year was just asking to be choosen… Mmmm, good choice.
    From start to finish, I enjoy this drink. The first sip wraps my tongue in subtle spices and fruit (I might get drunk trying to figure out exactly what that berry is. haha). And so drinkably smooth, I can drink this all night.
    Now, for me, what makes for a favorite whiskey (or movie, book, story, for that matter) is the finish. Bulleit 10 year has a delicately sweet finish with just the right amount of heat.
    This is a great bourbon, a favorite. And when most of the bottles I’m buying are $25-45, Bulleit 10 year is a top choice.
    *but really, I wouldn’t have even bought the bottle but for this review. Thanks, Josh.

    • My sentiments exactly, Amy. You have done a nice job of expounding on an already well done review of a really nice bourbon. I found a bottle for 49.90 at my base which is a little spendy but when you pair it with a nice cigar you will want to keep pouring down to the last curl of smoke.

  4. FR’s has nothing to compare to Bulliet 10yo. In fact they should t be in the same category, FR’s is grainy to the taste and lakes mouth feel for more than a moment.

    Love your blog, keep it up!!

  5. I’ve staved off of buying this because I was so enamored with other more rare and exotic 10-12yrs. This is a solid bourbon with both zesty complex flavors and smokey oak palate. I might be biased because Bulliet was my bourbon first love, but I actually think this is steal for $40. Hints of Applewood smoke and cherries, there’s some distinct and bold flavor here. The finish is smooth as baby’s butt , but a lil Kentucky burn to keep it real.

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