Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection Rice Review

Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection Rice Review

Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection Rice is the standard Buffalo Trace mash #1 bourbon but with rice used instead of rye. Buffalo Trace has been testing and experimenting with whiskey for more than 2 decades; it’s part of their research and development to figure out if there’s a way to make a better bourbon. This experimentation is also a breeding ground for their new products and one off releases.

As experiments come and go Buffalo Trace will periodically release some of them to the mass market for people to try and experience what they’ve been working on. Some have been tasty and successful while others have been just truly awful and as you can see by the score above the Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection Rice is unfortunately the latter.

Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection Rice Info

Region: Kentucky, USA

Distiller: Buffalo Trace
Mashbill: Mash #1, but with Rice instead of Rye
Cask: New Charred Oak
Age: 9 years
ABV: 45%

Chill Filtered | Natural Color

Price: $60 (msrp)

Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection Rice Review

Light caramel

Cinnamon, bubblegum, touch orange peel, nutmeg and grain. The nose is quite nice.

Cough syrup meets Pepto Bismol which then gets mixed with some light perfumy dark sweets and raw grain. This is unpalatable.

Medium fade of Robitussin and grain.

Unbalanced, medium body and a mild smooth feel.

Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection Rice has a great aroma, a terrible palate and an even worse finish. This is some straight up terrible whiskey, but I think it’s great that they tried to make it. I think it’s amazing that they’ve taken the time to test it and put it out. I’m glad I got to try it though I’m even more glad that I didn’t buy it when I had the chance because $60 for a 375ml of a failed experiment is quite steep.

SCORE: 57-59/100 (F+, not consumed at home)

Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection Rice Review - Score Breakdown
  • Nose - 57
  • Palate - 57
  • Finish - 57
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 57


Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection Rice is an awful whiskey and should be avoided for anything other than a random bit of education.

Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection Rice Label

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9 Responses to Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection Rice Review

  1. Ok – gotta ask…Is there any ‘good’ fermented spirit that’s made with rice?

    From what I recall – Budweiser also uses rice in their recipe, and we all know what dog urine Bud is.

  2. This is not an attempt to make a better bourbon, but a more profitable one. It is depressing that BT would even go there.

    • The smell of a whiskey is only 1/4 of the total points. If it smells nice, but tastes terrible and is undrinkable then it deserves an F. That’s the entire point of a whiskey… drinking it.

  3. Hi, Josh! First off, I want to thank you for all the great reviews. Your whiskey and whisky prowess – combined with humility – and your constant involvment with your community here is what makes me trust The Whiskey Jug more than any other site.
    Second, I wanted to refer you to a very recently released whiskey: LA1.
    This is one of the few whiskies that have come out of my home state of Louisiana since prohibition – and is the first that has any notable amount of age to it. I have seen mixed reviews about it online, but it does seem sort of unanimous that it was a tad bit rushed to the market and underaged.
    I’m not requesting this for any sort of marketing purpose, and I’m definitely not trying to drive sales for the Donner-Peltier distillery. I believe that my state is capable of some great things. There is a lot of culture and history here, which helps make some of our liquor, as far as rum goes, the best. Besides the culture, the constant competition between farmers here drives Louisiana’s rice crops to be the highest quality in the world. I think that with more attention, the whiskey renaissance could make its way here to Louisiana. With anything Louisiana bets its chips on, we impart our own uniquely Cajun/Creole flair. With that in mind, I could see some incredibly unique American whiskeys coming out of Lousiana if afficionados such as yourself start investigating and showing the few distillers here where they can improve. Maybe, just maybe, some passionate distillers will arise and bring truly great, unique whiskey to Louisiana – and then the world.
    If you need help procuring a bottle, I’ll provide any help necessary. I’m familiar with the stores that sell LA1 and can help you find one that may ship to California. If you’re not interested in this, I definitely understand. But I think you may be able to set into motion something awesome for the whiskey community.

    • Hey Sean, thank you and thanks for sharing. I’d definitely like to try LA1 and see how it is. I’m always down for trying something new. Hit me up using the email in the contact section. Cheers!

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