Buck 8 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon Review

Buck 8 Years Bourbon Review

I first stumbled across Buck 8 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon in my local BevMo while it was on sale for around $25 and after killing the first bottle in a month or two I immediately went back and picked up a second bottle which I took to Vegas with me to share with some friends from UT. That bottle never made it back. I then bought a third bottle and took it to a game night at a buddies house. That bottle also never made it back. The fourth bottle though, that’s what we’re reviewing today.

The big question isn’t if Buck 8 Year is good (it is) but who makes it. Well the answer is… no one knows. Well at least no one on the Internet anyways. I’m sure the folks at Frank-Lin Distillers know who they negotiated the white-label deal with, but they’re definitely not telling anyone. That’s the problem, and some of the fun, of independently bottled whiskeys. You never know what you’re going to get.

Buck 8 year Info

Region: Kentucky, USA

Bottler: Frank-Lin Distillers (Independent bottler)
Mashbill: at least 51% corn
Cask: New Charred Oak
Age: 8 Years
ABV: 4%

Price: $30

Buck 8 year Review


Caramel and vanilla are the first to arrive at this rodeo with some dark fruit coming up behind them. Slightly grainy with notes of red licorice, honey, creme brulee and a few spurs of rye coming through it’s a pleasant nose and not something I could easily get bored with.

Caramel, cherries, and waffle cone. Now that’s a horse of a different color. There’s a very low bourbon spice riding beneath some slightly bigger notes of coca, orange, molasses and a bit of wood. Every now and then I get a note of charcoal which adds to the uniqueness of this dram.

Long finish rich with soft grains, wood, caramel and a surprising bit of orchard fruit.

Worn smooth over the last 8 years this is a ridiculously easy to drink bourbon.

Buck 8 year is a pretty darn good bourbon and even though it was supposedly made for “ranch hands and cowboys” this city-slicker is digging it. Mixed in with traditional bourbon notes are some unique qualities that set this bourbon apart with a character all it’s own. If you come across a bottle I would recommend picking it up and sipping it neat to fully experience the sweet and rustic personality of this whiskey.

SCORE: 87/100 (B+)

Buck 8 Year Review - Score Breakdown
  • Nose - 87
  • Palate - 87
  • Finish - 87
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 87


Buck 8 Year is a solid sipping bourbon.

Buck 8 Years Bourbon Label


Buck 8 Year: Last Glass Update (07-01-16)

The Buck 8 Year really didn’t change much on its slow spiral towards empty. It keeps most of its initial characteristics and the only major adjustment I witnessed was it picking up a bit more dark fruit notes and maybe a bit of brown sugar. It was a solid whiskey from start to finish.

FINAL VERDICT: Buck 8 Year is a good bourbon for a good price. Worth picking up if you’re curious.

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15 Responses to Buck 8 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon Review

  1. It’s Frank-Lin, not Frank-Line, BTW. Based in Nelson, County, the epicenter of bourbon distilling. Rumor around here is that it’s a Buffalo Trace product.

    • Probably, but I don’t know what the liquor shipping laws are in GA. You’d need to search for an online store that ships to GA… maybe Bevmo or Total Wine & More.

    • I work in the warehouse for North East Sales distributing in Georgia and we distribute this bourbon to all Longhorns in Georgia. Not sure how far south you are but if you give me a general area I can gladly find out where we deliver it so you can purchase a bottle. I got some this past weekend and it was wonderful!

  2. Nice review and matches my experience, was quiete hard and pricy to get the hands on in germany. Just enjoyed it bext to the oktoberfest build up.

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