Brown-Forman President’s Choice

Brown-Forman President's Choice Review

I only know 5 things about the Brown-Forman President’s Choice. That’s not a whole lot to know about a whiskey, but seeing as how this bottle was never meant to exist in 2015, let alone be in the hands of someone who didn’t work at the distillery, I’d say that’s an acceptable amount to know.

  1. It’s Brown-Forman bourbon which means it’s Old Forrester.
  2. This was bottled around 1963
  3. Prior to 1968 it was a special bottling of bourbon available only to people who worked for or were associated with the distillery. From what I understand the blank space on the label is where a name should go which means it was meant for an executive or someone of similar station. Other bottles have labels that don’t have the space.
  4. The label reads “This whiskey was selected by Geo. Garvin Brown, President of Brown-Forman corporation for its perfect balance and true Kentucky Bourbon flavor and set aside as the personal barrel of _____. This is a custom distillation carefully aged for eight years in barrel #851433. This rare bourbon was bottled by direction of the President at barrel proof 113.6″
  5. I shouldn’t be drinking it because it’s meant “For a Distinguished Gentleman”, but It sure was delicious!

Brown-Forman President’s Choice Info

Region: Kentucky, USA

Distiller: Brown-Forman
Mashbill: 72% Corn, 18% Rye, 10% Malted barley
Cask: New charred oak
Age: 8 years
ABV: 56.8%

Cask Strength

Barrel: 851433

Price: NA – “Dusty” / rare find

Brown-Forman President’s Choice Review


Woody and spicy with notes of dark chocolate, leather, toasted nuts and a touch of vanilla. A wee bit of paint thinner hangs out in the back, but it’s not distracting and mostly blows off the more it airs out and opens up.

Caramel, wood, nutmeg heavy spice and dark cocoa buddy up and dominate the palate but leave room for mild notes of vanilla, dark fruit and grilled citrus to join the party. Like with the nose there’s a chemically paint thiner quality to it that mostly blows off and ends up adding a nice tangy dimension to it.

Long oaky finish drizzled with notes of caramel, spice, dark fruity sweetness and a light dusting of cocoa and mint.

Perfectly balanced with a rich full body and thick heavy feel that perfectly compliments the other sensory experiences of this whiskey.

This 1963 bottling of the Brown Forman President’s Choice is simply splendid. Rich deep aroma, full coating palate and a long pleasant finish combine to make a wonderful drinking experience. This, coupled with the Old Forester Sputnik bottle, have me thinking I’m a fan of old Old Forester. There’s a deep complex character in those old bottles that isn’t found too often these days.


Brown-Forman President's Choice Label

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      • Talk about lucky. That takes finding a dusty to a whole new level. I noticed in your photo and your post it omits identifying the bottle’s originally intended recipient. Was that intentional, or is the bottle’s label truly blank in the space where the recipient would be identified?

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