Angels Envy bourbon Review

Angels Envy Bourbon Review

This particular bottle of Angels Envy bourbon is a blend that “was created from samples of 3 Angels Envy batches selected by Lincoln and blended to the specifications of Nasa Liquor.” If you’re not familiar with the Angels Envy brand here’s the 101.

Angels Envy bourbon is the creation of “retired” Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Lincoln Hendersen. He sources bourbon that’s been aged for 4-7 years from undisclosed Kentucky distilleries (one or many, who knows) and then finishes the bourbon in port pipes for an additional 3-6 months. The port finished whiskeys are then blended together and bottled in one of the most eye catching bottles on the shelf today.

Angels Envy bourbon Info

Region: Kentucky, USA

Blender: Lincoln Henderson
Bottled for: NASA Liquors
Blend: 28% A, 45% B, 27% C
Cask: New charred oak and port pipes
Age: NAS
ABV: 43.3%

Batch: SP15
Bottle: 102

Price: $45

Angels Envy bourbon Review

Butterscotch candy

The first whiff is pure bourbon and wine. The second sniff is corn, malty sweetness, spice and candied citrus. Letting it sit and open for a bit reveals notes of cocoa, currant heavy dried fruit and a sweet dry SweeTARTS like note.

Same story as above, the first sip is a blast of bourbon and grapy wine notes. The second coats the palate with rich corn, dried dark fruit, caramel, rye-like spice and vanilla taffy. After a few minutes lighter notes of wood, chocolate covered cherries and a light biscuity note appear.

Corny heavy and accompanied by bold notes of dusty spice, grape fruit leather and a dusty spice that slowly fades out with an herbal hint.

Nicely balanced, carrying a medium body and a silken texture.

I like this Nasa Liquors custom Angels Envy bourbon more than I have any other release of Angels Envy. Over the years I’ve had quite a few glasses of Angels Envy at bars and tastings and have always felt rather “meh” about it. There was never anything wrong with the whiskey, it just came across as a sweet lack luster bourbon that I could never rate above a B-. Which is exactly what I was expecting when I cracked this one open. I’m happy to be wrong.

The Nasa Liquors Angles Envy bourbon is a nice mix of port finished bourbons with the sweetness tamed a bit and I’ve enjoyed sipping it over that last two weeks. The guys at NL did a good job of picking their whiskeys for this bottle, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this is towards the top of the line, as far as my tastes go, for this brand. My major criticism remains that the sweetness hangs heavy and needs more of a woody or rye bite to fully balance it out. I hear great things about the Cask Strength releases, but as for this standard 86.6 proof release I’m not sure how much better it can get. Unless you like sweet bourbons that is, then Angels Envy would be gold for you.

SCORE: 86/100

Angels Envy Review - Score Breakdown
  • Nose - 85
  • Palate - 85
  • Finish - 85
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 85


Nasa Liquors custom Angels Envy bourbon is tasty whiskey at not-insane price. Especially if you like sweeter bourbons.

Angels Envy Bourbon Label

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12 Responses to Angels Envy bourbon Review

  1. Have you had the Discount Liquors version from Wisconsin, Untitled, or one of the Binny’s versions, yet? There are quite a few and flavor profiles will vary. They may not be ‘far from the tree,’ but some are more inspiring than others. Prices also vary.

  2. Good review (as usual).

    One small nit: didn’t Lincoln Henderson die two years ago? Unless this is an older bottling I doubt that he selected/blended this.

    • Hey John,

      Thank you and you know I didn’t even think about that while writing this up, but the sticker on the side of the bottle does indeed say “selected by Lincoln” on it… it seems I need to do a bit of digging. Thanks for pointing that out.


  3. Josh, agree with the review. A friend had recommended. I tried and thought decent, maybe better than average, but not great. Always appreciate the history. Cheers.

  4. Thanks for the review. I’m halfway through a bottle of Angels Envy and it’s as you describe. I am one of those that enjoy a sweeter bourbon so this suits my palate. However it still needs a little more in the finish. While it is a good bourbon, I m still looking for a bit more. Thanks for the reviews I enjoy reading your comments before I commit to a bottle.

    • I get it, I’m just writing what’s on the bottle. It could mean he selected the casks to be part of their store select program before he died, a reference to the fact that he selected all the barrels that get used since they’re sourced or they just have reams of old stickers they’re still using.

  5. I don’t think I had more than 4 Oz of this. But every time I poured a glass for my husband (he finished the bottle for me!), I enjoyed the nose! This is the most enjoyable nose! It’s so deliciously scented, I want to wear it on my wrists. I get some sweet mellon, bubble gum, and dill. That really doesn’t sound amazing but the nose on this bourbon is beautiful.
    The taste… is ok. It’s a good bourbon. It’s just not my favorite. But the nose! Mmmm. Even this empty bottle smells lovely!
    I agree, Josh, it’s good. This whiskey just isn’t onto to “blow you away.”

    (Have you tried Rowan’s Creek? Yum!)

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